Visiting Scholars


If you plan to apply for China Scholarship Council (CSC) fellowship, please follow the instructions below.

所有訪學們打算要申請中國留学基金, 中心每年一次評審你們的材料 評審日期是 8月15日。每年, 中心只提供五份邀請函給這些訪學們。如果中心邀請你訪問,邀請函有效的時間是十二個月, 。 關於申請手續,材料,費用和訪問學者責任的說明, 請你回到固定申請說明網頁 (link back to the main visiting scholar instruction page).
Each year, the center only reviews these applicants’ visiting proposals once—the deadline is August 15. Each year, the center only selects (offers an invitation) five visiting scholars who plan to obtain CSC Scholarship. If the center invites you to visit, your invitation will be valid for 12 months only (link back to the main visiting scholar instruction page).

你必須准許四個月的時間去處理DS2019和J簽證。請不要求中心在你到來前, 小於四個月的時間 去處理你Berkeley校園所屬和DS2019.
Please understand that you must allow 4 months to process your DS2019 and J visa. Please do not request us to process your campus affiliation and DS2019 less than 4 months before your arrival date.

If the Center selects your application, but you did not obtain CSC funding, yet you have other funds to support your visit, we will still accommodate your visit.

十二個月之內, 取決於你提交文件的日期,請了解我們可會要求你提交最新的文件. 美國政府不接受超過六個月(打印日期)的文件.
Within the 12 months, depending on when you submit your documents within the 12 months, please understand we might request you to obtain new documents. U.S. government won’t accept documents (print date) older than six months.

中心無法確認你的英語水平. 請諒解,你的英語水平證書不保證你得到J簽證. 只有在美國領事面試之後,才算証明你的英語水平.
Our center cannot verify your English proficiency. Please understand that your English proficiency document does not guarantee your J visa. Only after the U.S. consulate interview, will your English proficiency be verified.

中心,UC Berkeley和DS2019處理的費用不得退還. 一旦你支付了費,你肯定到來加州伯克利大學研究訪問. 中心收到所有手續費和報名材料後,才能夠處理你的DS‑2019表.
CCS, UC Berkeley and DS2019 are not refundable. Once you have paid the fees, you are sure to come to the University of California at Berkeley for a study visit. Once all fees have been paid and secondary application materials have been received, the Center will begin to process your DS-2019.

除非加州大學伯克利分校的教授有書面證明作為你的主持人,中國研究中心是你的主人. 中心目前的教師主席是 You-tien Hsing
Unless a UC Berkeley professor has written proof to act as your host, the Center for Chinese Studies is your host. Our Center current faculty chair is You-tien Hsing