Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars

Current Visiting Scholars

CHENG Gong, Visiting Student Researcher

Email: chenggong@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 01/15/201501/14/2016

Home Institution Shanghai University

Field Film Studies

Research Topic Chinese Male Film Stars: Body, Masculinity and Chinese Images since 1980

CHIBA Kengo, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 03/27/201503/26/2016

Home Institution Chuo University

Graduating Institution Waseda University

Field Chinese Literature

Research Topic John Fryer and the creation of modern neologisms in the 19th century

Ferdinand DAGENAIS, Visiting Scholar

Email: f.dagenais@aol.com

Appointment Dates ongoing

Home Institution School of International Business, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Field Education

Research Topic The Life and Work of John Fryer in China

DING Xiaoshan, Visiting Scholar

Email: dxs00199@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 02/14/201509/16/2015

Home Institution Chengdu University of Information Technology

Field History

Research Topic Resource, Ethnicity and City: Gejiu, Tin City in the View of Environmental History(1700-2000)

GAO Li, visiting Scholar

Email: ligao@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 08/15/201408/14/2015

Home Institution China University of Geosciences, Wuhan

Graduating Institution China University of Geoscience, Beijing

Field Engineering & Management

Research Topic Growing Pains: the Political Economy Approach to Environmental Crisis in Urbanized China

GU Qian, Visiting Scholar

Email: qiangu@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 07/15/201407/14/2015

Home Institution Zhejiang University of Media and Communications

Graduating Institution Nanjing University

Field Media and Film Studies

Research Topic The Sino-American Exchange of Film in 1920-1949

HE Dongmei, Visiting Scholar

Email: hedongmei@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 05/14/201408/14/2015

Home Institution China Remin University Press

Graduating Institution Tsinghua University

Field Media Studies

Research Topic Comparative Study of New Media - China and U.S.

HUANG, He, Visiting Scholar

Email: huanghezzz@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 08/15/201408/14/2015

Home Institution Remin University of China

Graduating Institution Communication University of China

Field Media Studies

Research Topic Environmental Communication and Environment-related Social Movements in China

HUANG Li, Visiting Scholar

Email: huangliatccs@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 07/01/201406/30/2015

Home Institution East China Normal University

Field Geography

Research Topic The evolutional process of Shanghai's rise to global city: Dynamic dialectics of localization and globalization

LEE Jeong-jae, Visiting Scholar

Email: leejjch@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 01/25/201501/24/2016

Home Institution Sogang University

Field Chinese Language and Literature

Research Topic The Rise and Decline of Elite Drama in Late Imperial China

LI Hua, Visiting Scholar

Email: lihua_ccs@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 05/15/201405/14/2015

Home Institution Shandong Normal University

Field PreModern Literature

Research Topic The Culture's Selection and Reconstruction: Mencius and the Axial Age of China (475BC-9AD)

NA Seon Hee, Visiting Scholar

Email: sunnyrha@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates: ongoing

Home Institution: Seoul National University

Field: Literature

Research Topic Comparative study of Silk Road narrative stories

REN Zhe, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 02/27/201502/26/2016

Home Institution Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO

Field Political Science and Developing Economics

Research Topic Township leaders and village chiefs in contemporary China: Complexities and tensions in their changing relationships

SAITO Tomohiro, visiting Scholar

Email: tomohiro@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 09/06/20149/30/2015

Home Institution Tohoku University

Field Literature & Religion

Research Topic Chan thought and the Buddhist canon in medieval China

TSAI Wen-hsuan, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 03/01/201506/30/2015

Home Institution Academia Sinica

Graduating Institution National Chengchi University

Field History

Research Topic How Can the CCP Regime Survive? Regime Adaptation in Learning Leninist Regimes

WANG Jiuliang, Visiting Scholar & Artist in Residence

Appointment Dates 01/15/201507/14/2015

Home Institution Independent Photographer and Filmaker

Field Film & Media

Research Topic Export and recycling of plastic waste in the United States

XIE Xi, Visiting Scholar

Email: xixie@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 06/15/201406/14/2015

Home Institution Shanghai Maritime University

Graduating Institution Wuhan University

Field History

Research Topic China's Approach to Sea Power in History, from the First Opium War

YANG Yong, Visiting Scholar

Email: yongyang@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 10/15/201410/15/2015

Home Institution Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

Graduating Institution Fudan University

Field History

Research Topic A Study of the Private Lending Risk Prevention in Modern China

YUAN Yicai, Visiting Scholar

Email: yuanyicai@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 09/15/201306/14/2015

Home Institution Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences

Graduating Institution Nankai University

Field Public Economics

Research Topic Research on the Construction Path of Public Service-Oriented Government for Chinese Municipalities

ZHU Haizhong, Visiting Scholar

Email: haizhongzhu@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 05/15/201405/14/2015

Home Institution YangZhou University

Graduating Institution Nanjing University

Field Educational Sociology

Research Topic Prevention and Management of Environmental Conflicts in Transitional China