Visiting Scholars

Current Visiting Scholars

Ferdinand DAGENAIS, Visiting Scholar

Email: f.dagenais@aol.com

Appointment Dates ongoing

Home Institution School of International Business, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Field Education

Research Topic The Life and Work of John Fryer in China

DUAN Hanchen, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 12/01/2016–11/30/2017

Home Institution Chinese Academy of Science, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute

Field Physical Geography

Research Topic Evaluation of social and environmental effects on ecological protection project in Northern China

Paul FONOROFF, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 2016–2020

Home Institution Independent Film Scholar

Field Modern and Contemporary Film Studies

Research Topic Chinese cinema and cinema-going between 1921 and 1951

GAO Ziqi, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/01/2016–07/31/2017

Home Institution Sichuan University

Field Media Economics

Research Topic A comparative research on current website original TV series

LI Miao, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 02/13/2017–02/12/2018

Home Institution Yunnan Normal University

Field Film Studies

Research Topic The Cultural Identity of Overseas Chinese and Chinese Movies in 1920s-1949 in South East Asia

LI Yaohua, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/15/2016–08/14/2017

Home Institution Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Field Economics

Research Topic Social Insurance in Modern China and Comparison Study Between Different Countries

LIU, Yi, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 04/15/2017–04/14/2018

Home Institution Northeast Normal University

Field History

Research Topic The Study of Chinese Students' Movements (1919-1949)

WANG Yajie, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 01/01/2017–12/30/2017

Home Institution Harbin Institute of Technology

Field International Economics and Finance

Research Topic RMB Exchange Rate and the Economic Growth in China

WU Jun, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 06/15/2016–06/14/2017

Home Institution Shanghai University, Business School

Field Finance

Research Topic Research on Curb of Commodities Speculation Based on Measure of People’s Livelihood Burden

WU Zhijuan, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 11/01/2016–11/07/2017

Home Institution Hubei University

Field History

Research Topic Influence of Foreigners to China on the Competition between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party

XUE Liyu, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/25/2016–08/24/2017

Home Institution Shanghai Normal University

Field History

Research Topic Maritime history and demographic history study

YAN Haijian, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/25/2016–08/24/2017

Home Institution Nanjing Normal University

Field History

Research Topic Relationship between the state and universities in Modern China

YANG Wanli, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 09/01/2016–08/31/2017

Home Institution Shanghai University

Field Literature

Research Topic The concept of self and freedom in the Six Dynasties

YANG Yongping, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 01/03/2017–01/02/2018

Home Institution Guangxi Normal University

Field History

Research Topic Caravan Culture and Social Evolution of Ethnic Minority

YANG Zhengxi, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 11/08/2016–11/07/2017

Home Institution South China Agricultural University

Field Political Science

Research Topic Public participation in the process of local governance

ZHAO Wei, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 01/03/2017–02/28/2018

Home Institution Qingdao University

Field PreModern Literature

Research Topic The Cruel Fierce Government and The Secular as Sacred: Jiao Hong and the neo-Confucianism’s development in the late Ming Dynasty

ZHU Kui, Visiting Student Researcher

Appointment Dates 01/03/2017–01/02/2018

Home Institution Tongji University

Field Urban Planning

Research Topic The Role of Urban Planning in the 25-year Development of Shanghai Pudong District