Visiting Scholars

Current Visiting Scholars

CHIBA Kengo, Visiting Scholar

Email: chibakengo@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 03/27/2015–03/26/2016

Home Institution Chuo University

Graduating Institution Waseda University

Field Chinese Literature

Research Topic John Fryer and the creation of modern neologisms in the 19th century

Ferdinand DAGENAIS, Visiting Scholar

Email: f.dagenais@aol.com

Appointment Dates ongoing

Home Institution School of International Business, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Field Education

Research Topic The Life and Work of John Fryer in China

GRGIC Mladen, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/26/2015–06/30/2016

Home Institution University of Montenegro

Field International Studies

Research Topic Changing paradigm in Chinese Foreign Policy in 21st Century

HE Bixiao, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/15/2015–08/14/2016

Home Institution Sun Yat Sen University

Field Journalism

Research Topic Search for the Origin of the “Paradox”: The Remolding of Private Newspapers in Port China—A Case Study in Beijing, Shanghai and ngzhou (1949-1953)

HUANG Hao, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 02/01/2016–01/30/2017

Home Institution Chinese Academy of Social Science

Field E-Commerce & Network Economics

Research Topic Internet China: A Research on Industrial Convergence

HUANG Fang, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 02/01/2016–07/31/2016

Home Institution Nantong University/span>

Field Literature & Media

Research Topic A study of the collections, utilization and research of English-language periodicals published by Chinese intellectuals during the first half of 20th Century

LEE Jeong-jae, Visiting Scholar

Email: leejjch@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 01/25/2015–01/24/2016

Home Institution Sogang University

Field Chinese Language and Literature

Research Topic The Rise and Decline of Elite Drama in Late Imperial China

LI Fei, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/24/2015–08/23/2016

Home Institution Sichuan University

Field Literature

Research Topic Embodied Heritage and Embodied Modernity of Non-literate People: on the Case of Rgyalrong Tibetan in Southwestern China

LI Yonghua, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/20/2015–08/19/2016

Home Institution Zhejiang University

Field Civil engineering & Architecture

Research Topic Intersection of landscape ecology and contemporary urbanism

LIN Yan, Visiting Student Researcher

Appointment Dates 02/01/2016–01/31/2017

Home Institution Tsinghua University

Field Chinese Literature

Research Topic The Imagination of ‘New Man’ in Chinese Literary and Cultural Discourses, 1949-1976

SHI Xiaolei, Visiting Scholar

Email: xiaoleishi@berkeley.edu

Appointment Dates 07/08/2015–07/07/2016

Home Institution Harbin Normal University

Field History of Sciences

Research Topic Using Images as Historical Evidences: Agricultural Society in the Paintings from the Song to the Ming Dynasties

SONG Mei, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 11/05/2015–11/04/2016

Home Institution Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

Field Literature Science

Research Topic Innovative mechanisms and ideographic mode of cultural and creative industries in cross-cultural context

WANG Jinzhuang, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 02/15/2016–02/14/2017

Home Institution Shanghai Business School

Field Literature

Research Topic Urban Culture and the Image of Shanghai in Literary Texts, During Republican Era, China

WANG Junhong, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 02/20/2016–02/19/2017

Home Institution Sichuan University

Field History and Culture Heritage

Research Topic Transformation of Rural Mode of Living and Culture in the Qiang Ethnic Immigrant Community after the Wenchuan Earthquake

WU Keping, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 08/01/2015–07/31/2016

Home Institution Harvard Yenching Institute

Field Anthropology

Research Topic Frontier Pluralism: Ethnicity, Religion and the State in the Sino-Burmese-Tibetan Borderlands

XIAN Jia, Visiting Student Researcher

Appointment Dates 08/15/2015–08/14/2016

Home Institution Shanghai University

Field Film Studies

Research Topic Beyond Vernacular Modernism — The Socialist Transformation and the Change of Film Industry in Shanghai since 1949

XU Xiaomin, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 11/15/2015–11/14/2016

Home Institution Shaanxi Normal University

Field Foreign and Applied Linguistics

Research Topic The translation of Chinese American Sinologists in the first decades of the 20th Century

YAO Yi, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 11/30/2015–11/29/2016

Home Institution Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences

Field Public Policy

Research Topic Residential Differentiation and Social Distance in China’s Urbanization

ZHOU Zheng, Visiting Scholar

Appointment Dates 09/01/2015–08/31/2016

Home Institution Harbin Normal University

Graduating Institution Fudan University

Field Education

Research Topic Research on social integration issues for new urban immigrants