Visiting Scholars

Frequently Answered Questions for Visiting Scholars or Students

Q1: I need an invitation letter. Can the Center for Chinese Studies give me an invitation immediately?
我需要一封邀請函。 中國研究中心可以立即邀請我嗎?
A: No. If you have not been selected by our executive committee, then we cannot give you an invitation.
不能,如果我們的執行委員會沒有選者你 ,那我們不能給你一個邀請。

Q2: Can the Center for Chinese Studies review my application materials, now?
中國研究中心現在可以查看我的申請材料嗎 ?
A: We will review your application materials after the deadlines of January 15th, April 15th, and August 15th. We do not accept late applications.
我們將在1月15日,4月15日和8月15日的期限日期後審查你的申請材料。 我們不接受遲到的申請。

Q3: Can the Center for Chinese Studies give me a signed CV of a UC Berkeley professor I want study with?
中國研究中心可否給我一份我想要學習的伯克利大學教授的簡歷 ?
A: If you are officially invited to visit we can provide you with a signed CV of our current faculty chair.

Q4: Who reviews the visiting scholar applications?
誰來評審訪學申請材料 ?
A: A group of UC Berkeley professors (Chinese Studies from various disciplines) will review applications and select applicants.

Q5: How long does it take for the Center to review visiting scholar applications and select visiting scholars?
A: About 2 weeks.

Q6: How many scholars are invited during each application review period?
A: 4-9 scholars are invited from each deadline

Q7: Can you provide samples for the following documents?
   English Language Proficiency
   Permission for sabbatical/leave and expectation of return
   Financial statement, personal

Q8: Can the Center provide an official letter stating that the visiting scholar program does not charge tuition? Can you itemize the list of fees visiting scholars/students need to pay?
   Visiting Student Researcher
   Visiting Scholar

Q9: I am a PhD student. How can I become a visiting student researcher at the Center for Chinese Studies?
我是個博士生, 我如何成為中國研究中心的訪問學生?
A: You need a UC Berkeley professor who is willing to act as your host. Please ask the professor to email the Center regarding acting as your host. Then, you need to submit the same materials and follow the same schedule as visiting scholars. http://ieas.berkeley.edu/ccs/vs_application.html
你需要伯克利大學的教授願意擔任主持人。 請作為你的主持人教授發送電子郵件到給中心。 那後你需要提交和訪問學者相同的材料,並按照與訪問學者相同的時間表。 http://ieas.berkeley.edu/ccs/vs_application.html

Q10: Can the Center for Chinese Studies write a letter stating that I have fulfilled my English Language Proficiency requirement to travel abroad to the U.S.?
A: No. The Center cannot determine your English language proficiency.

Q11: I was invited as a visiting scholar or visiting student researcher over 12 months ago. Can the Center for Chinese Studies to issue me a new invitation letter?
十二月前中心邀請我來訪問研究。 中心可以給我發新邀請函嗎?
A: No. Invitations for people who are competing for the China Scholarship Council fellowship is valid for only 12 months from August 15. Invitations for the visiting scholars who are certain about their funding are valid for 6 months. If your invitation letter is more than 12 months old, you need to apply again.
如果您是競爭中國獎學金委員會(CSC)獎學金的學者,中心的邀請只能在8月15日之前有效。訪問學者的資格有效期為6個月。 如果您的邀請函超過12個月,您需要再次申請。

Q12: The Center invited me to visit. I paid the affiliation fees and submitted all of the required documents. Now, I want to change my start and end dates, what should I do?
中心邀請我來訪問。 我支付了費用並提交了所有必需的文件。 現在,我想改變我的開始和結束日期,我該怎麼辦?
A: Please contact the visiting scholar coordinator (ccs-vs@berkeley.edu). S/he will help you change the dates.
請聯繫訪問學者協調員。 她/他可以幫你改變日期。

Q13: Can the Center write that I am hosted by a different department or a research unit?
A: No.

Q14: What is VSPA?
A: The VSPA office is the central office that develops policies about and grants official appointments to visiting scholars, visiting students, and postdoctoral fellows. The Center requests visiting scholar appointments through VSPA. VSPA sets the rules/policies for visiting scholar health insurance. https://vspa.berkeley.edu/
VSPA處理訪問學者,訪問學生,和博士後研究的事務。 中心必得請求VSPA發給訪問約會。 VSPA制定訪問學者健康保險的規則/政策。

Q15: What is the Berkeley International Office (BIO)?
A: The Berkeley International Office interfaces directly with the U.S. government on J and F visas. They are very knowledgeable about U.S. government rules and regulations for visiting scholars. http://internationaloffice.berkeley.edu/
伯克利國際辦公司和美國政府相聯處理DS2019和J簽證。 BIO非常了解美國政府旅行規章。

Q16: I am Chinese, but my research does not concern China or Chinese studies. Can I still apply to the visiting scholar program?
我是中國人,但我的研究不涉及中國研究。 我也可以申請中心的訪問學者程式嗎?
A: The Center for Chinese Studies visiting scholar program is designed only to support research about Chinese culture, language, literature, history, politics, and economy.

Q17: How many times can I apply for a visiting scholar appointment at the Center for Chinese Studies?
A: There is no limit, simply follow the dates for submitting your application materials.

Q18: I want to start my visiting appointment at Berkeley in late December or early January.
A: We cannot process a DS2019 or campus affiliation with a late December or January start date. UC Berkeley campus administration begins to shut down between mid-December to the first week of January, every year. Additionally, all students and faculty will be away for winter holiday during this period.
我們不能在12月下旬或1月份的開始日期處理DS2019或幫助啟動你的訪問學任。 伯克利校園每年在十二月中到一月第一周關閉。 此外,所有學生和教職員工在這期間都休假。

Q19: How do I present my research as a visiting scholar?
A: We encourage our visiting scholars to present their research! We can help with arranging a meeting space, advertising your presentation, and other logistical tasks. Please contact the visiting scholar coordinator about 1-2 months in advance so that we can help organize your presentation.
我們鼓勵訪問學者介紹你們的研究! 我們可以幫助安排會議空間,廣告研究簡報和其他後勤任務。 請1-2個月之前與訪問學者協調員聯繫,以便我們能夠組織你的簡報。

Q20: How do I audit a class?
A: As a visiting scholar or visiting student researcher, you are allowed to audit courses. To find Chinese Studies related courses, please refer to the webpage (http://ieas.berkeley.edu/ccs/students_courses.html)
訪問學者或訪問學研究生都能旁聽課。 想要找到關中國研究的課,請參閱網頁

21: My China Scholarship Council letter has a publish date that is over 6 months old. However, it states I can use the money into a future date. Why won’t the U.S. government accept this funding document?
我的中國獎學金函(CSC)發布的日期超過6個月。 但是,獎學金函表示我可以在未來的日期使用這筆錢。 為什麼美國政府不接受這個文件呢?
A: The U.S. government requires that official documents be new. Any official documents (i.e. from your employer, from the Chinese government, from an English testing center) cannot be more than 6 months old.