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Berkeley in Japan II: The Berkeley-Nichibunken Dialogue
June 17, Wednesday

On Wednesday June 17th, 2009, UC Berkeley and the Nichibunken (The International Research Center for Japanese Studies) came together to host the second Berkeley in Japan Forum. The Nichibunken in Kyoto, Japan's top research center for Japanese studies, was the site for a series of dialogues between their professors and those from UC Berkeley's Center for Japanese Studies, reflecting on recent trends and developments in scholarly work on Japan in the last half-century. These discussions focused more directly on Japanese studies than the inaugural Berkeley in Japan forum at the University of Tokyo in November of 2008, and featured conversations on new approaches to Japanese history, Buddhism, music, and art history.

Event Program

Location: Nichibunken Seminar Room 1, Kyoto, Japan
Time: 1:30pm – 6:00pm


James C. Baxter (Professor, Nichibunken)


Takenori Inoki (Director-General, Nichibunken)

Panel Discussion

On History
Andrew Barshay (UC Berkeley)
Kazuhiko Kasaya (Nichibunken)
Moderator: Markus Rüttermann (Nichibunken)

On Religious Studies and Buddhist Studies
Duncan Williams (UC Berkeley)
Fumihiko Sueki (Nichibunken)
Moderator: Isomae Jun'ichi (Nichibunken)

On Art History
Greg Levine (UC Berkeley)
Monta Hayakawa (Nichibunken)
Moderator: Patricia Fister (Nichibunken)

On Studies of Popular Culture and Popular Music
Andrew Jones (UC Berkeley)
Shuhei Hosokawa (Nichibunken)
Moderator: Inoue Shoichi (Nichibunken)
Interpreter: Timothy Kern (Nichibunken)

Co-sponsored by: Nichibunken (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)

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