Visiting Scholars

Current Visiting Scholars

Hiroaki Kuwajima

Appointment dates 06/09/2017–06/18/2018

Home institution Linkers Corporation

Field Business Administration

Research topic Comparative analysis of Japanese firms in Silicon Valley

Xiaoyuan Li

Appointment dates 02/28/2018–02/27/2019

Home institution University of Tokyo

Field Law and Politics

Research topic Gender inequality and stereotypes under legal context

Hirokazu Matsumiya

Appointment dates 09/01/2017–07/31/2019

Home institution Gunma University

Field Business Administration

Research topic Comparative studies of the U.S.-Japan economic, business and policy situations in government regulations

Satoshi Miura

Appointment dates 09/01/2017–08/31/2018

Home institution Nagoya University

Field International Relations

Research topic Transnational governance platforms for sustainable development

Yoko Nishioka

Appointment dates 04/01/2018–09/30/2018

Home institution Komazawa University

Field Anthropology

Research topic Comparative Study of the Over-the-Top Video Markets of the United States and Japan

Elizabeth Sharf

Appointment Dates 11/24/2003–11/25/2019

Home Institution Independent Scholar

Field Asian Art History

Research Topic Obaku Zen Portrait Painting

Yul Sohn

Appointment dates 01/31/2018–08/15/2018

Home institution Yonsei University

Field Political Science

Research topic How Japan has helped change a regional order in Northeast Asia

Deborah Solomon

Appointment dates 05/01/2018–08/31/2018

Home institution Otterbein University

Field History and Political Science

Research topic Student Protest in Colonial Korea, 1910–1945

Shinichiro Terada

Appointment dates 08/01/2015–07/31/2018

Home institution KDDI Corporation

Field Business

Research topic Network Neutrality Debates and Its Influence on Japanís Information Industry