Visiting Scholars

Current Visiting Scholars

Hiroyuki Fukushima

Appointment dates 04/01/2017–03/31/2018

Home institution Fukuoka University

Field History

Research topic History of education and politics in 1920–1960 Japan

Shun Gong

Appointment dates 08/15/2016–07/15/2017

Home institution Tohoku University

Field Behavioral Science

Research topic Explaining immigrantsí retention rates in Japan from international comparison perspectives

Hajime Iseda

Appointment dates 10/01/2015–09/30/2017

Home institution Takenaka Corporation

Field Architecture

Research topic Research on Energy Conservation in Japanese Buildings

Kazuyoshi Katayama

Appointment dates 10/01/2016–09/30/2017

Home institution Sapporo Gakuin University

Field Economics

Research topic Comparative historical study of labor supply business in the United States and Japan

Kayo Murakami

Appointment dates 04/01/2017–3/31/2018

Home institution Chikushi Jogakuen University

Field Economics

Research topic Consumer behavior toward organic and country-origin labels

Elizabeth Sharf

Appointment Dates 11/24/2003–11/25/2017

Home Institution Independent Scholar

Field Asian Art History

Research Topic Obaku Zen Portrait Painting

Yoko Shirasu

Appointment dates 04/01/2017–03/31/2018

Home institution Aoyama Gakuin University

Field Economics

Research topic Empirical Finance

Tomohiko Sumiyoshi

Appointment dates 03/01/2017–02/28/2018

Home institution Keio University

Field Literature

Research topic Chinese book culture in the early modern era and understanding of Chinese culture by modern Japanese intellectuals

Shinichiro Terada

Appointment dates 08/01/2015–07/31/2018

Home institution KDDI Corporation

Field Business

Research topic Network Neutrality Debates and Its Influence on Japanís Information Industry