Postdoctoral Fellows


CKS hosts postdoctoral fellows who have received funding from an outside granting agency. Most fellows come with funding from the Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Postdoctoral fellows are expected to spend the academic year in residence at the Center and to revise a dissertation or other manuscript for publication.

Application Information

CKS welcomes affiliation requests from those applying for the Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. Those who are not South Korean citizens, who have received their Ph.D. degree in a subject related to Korea within five years of their application, and who do not currently hold a regular faculty position are eligible to apply for the Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. South Korean nationals are eligible to apply only if they have permanent residency status in another country.

Applicants for the Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship must submit an online application directly to the Korea Foundation. For information on required Korea Foundation application materials and procedures, go to: http://www.kf.or.kr/ and see also http://apply.kf.or.kr/.

The Korea Foundation provides a stipend to selected fellows. Please contact CKS Program Director Stephanie Kim (stephaniekkim@berkeley.edu) to inquire about the specific stipend amount to be requested from the Korea Foundation.

In order to request affiliation from CKS, applicants must send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, dissertation abstract, and plan for research and teaching as one pdf document to cks@berkeley.edu by January 31. Selection by CKS does not guarantee selection by the Korea Foundation, but CKS can advise the Korea Foundation of its selected applicants. The deadline for the Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship is usually in mid February. Be sure to confirm the specific deadline on the Korea Foundation website.

After the Korea Foundation announces their selection decisions by May, CKS requests that all applicants inform CKS whether or not they will come.

CKS also provides affiliations for those applying for funding from other granting agencies on a case by case basis.

During Affiliation

The primary objective for postdoctoral fellows is to revise a dissertation or other manuscript for publication while also taking part in various colloquia, conferences, and other activities of the Center.

Affiliation with CKS allows postdoctoral fellows to obtain an official campus identification card, library and photocopying privileges, and shared workspace.

Participation in professional conferences is also encouraged. The Center for Korean Studies offers grants of up to $800 to postdoctoral fellows for travel expenses related to conferences and other professional activities.

Please be aware that the university no longer offers family housing to postdoctoral fellows, and CKS is not responsible for postdoctoral fellows' housing search. However, postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to use the following resources:

 •  Cal Rentals — Rental listings and housing advising for the UC Berkeley community
 •  International House Berkeley — Single-person room & board for up to one semester
 •  Padmapper — Google map with rental listings

Current and Former Postdoctoral Fellows


Jack Davey, Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow


Home InstitutionUCLA


Stephanie Kim, Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow


Home InstitutionUCLA



Song Pae (John) Cho, Social Science Research Council Transregional Fellow


Home InstitutionUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Sunil Kim, Academy of Korean Studies Postdoctoral Fellow


Home InstitutionUC Berkeley

FieldPolitical Science

Jee-Eun Regina Song, Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow


Home InstitutionUC Davis

FieldCultural Studies


Song Pae (John) Cho, Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow


Home InstitutionUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign



Thomas Kalinowski, Korea Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow


Home InstitutionFreie Universitaet Berlin

FieldPolitical Science