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Shanghai Alleyways 上海弄堂
Photographs by Jianhua Gong 龚建华摄影展

Image for 'Shanghai Alleyways 上海弄堂' exhibit

January 18 – May 18, 2007
Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm
IEAS Lobby, 2223 Fulton Street, 6th Floor

Many stories, many celebrations, many births and deaths have created vivid living memories in the Shanghai alleyways, known locally as "nongtang". These alleyways, unchanged from the 1950s to 1990s, embody a special way of life that exists between the old and new Shanghai. These back passageways gave birth to a rich and varied Shanghai neighborhood culture that is now fast disappearing. While the architectural style is one of traditional Jiang Nan (south of the Yangtze River) design, it is coupled with the decor of western architecture. Together, they offer a unique urban landscape. To study Shanghai's nongtang is to understand its importance in modern architecture, to recognize its vitality and importance for future city and urban planning, and to understand how architecture planning can directly affect every day quality of human life. The opening reception for the Shanghai Alleyways exhibit will be held on Thursday, January 18, 2007 from 6-8 pm.

Mr. Jianhua Gong, a well known Chinese photographer, offers us his views on the alleyways of late 20th century Shanghai. He is a recognized member of the Association of Chinese Photographers and an officer in the Shanghai Photographer Association. Mr. Gong has been doing professional photography for 26 years. His portfolio includes over 1,000 published photographic works as well as personal exhibitions in Japan, China and the United States. He has received over 100 gold, silver, and bronze medals in many international photography competitions, including in China. His work also includes photography books such as Shanghai Nong Tang and Shanghai Pictorial. For further background information, please visit Jianhua Gong's website at

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