East Asia Career Forum

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The "East Asia Career Forum" provides a platform to help Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students explore the diversity of career paths related to East Asia. The Forum features seasoned professionals, many of them UCB alumni, whose expertise and success is closely linked to East Asia.

Organized by the Institute of East Asian Studies, the Forum consists of a series of public programs on the UC campus. Each program features three or four panelists and focuses on a different broadly defined theme linked to the background of the participants. Every speaker has about 15 minutes to detail his/her personal experiences and give general advice, followed by ample time for questions and answers.

The Forum is not intended to provide extensive recruitment or interview opportunities for students, but to inspire future UC Berkeley graduates to embark on East Asia-related careers by providing hands-on information about career decision-making, job search strategies and opportunities for gaining professional experience.

Please contact Hilary Finchum-Sung (hfinchum_sung@berkeley.edu) if you would like to receive additional information.


March 7, 2007
Beyond the Ivory Tower: Alternative Careers for Asia Specialists

October 27, 2004
East Asia: Careers in the Non-Profit Sector