Joonhong Ahn

Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley


Teaching and Research:
Professor Ahn teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in radioactive waste management. The undergraduate course covers broad aspects of radioactive waste management, whereas the graduate course concentrates on safety assessment aspects of high-level radioactive waste disposal into deep geologic formations. His research interests involve mathematical analyses of radionuclide transport in heterogeneous geologic formations and of radionuclide release from man-made waste disposal systems. He is also interested in integrating these into an overall performance assessment model, and analyzing the nature of uncertainty incorporated in long-term assessments for radioactive waste disposal. He also teaches the Nuclear Design course for undergraduates. The course aims at providing students with an opportunity for integrating knowledge into an engineering solution for a specific problem.

Recent Publication: April 12, 2012 (Department of Nuclear Engineering News): The "Outstanding Achievement Award" was recently given to a book entitled Engineering for Radioactive Waste Management by The Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Environment, of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (NUCE-AESJ). The book was co-authored by seven experts including the NE Department's Prof. Joonhong Ahn who wrote the section on the performance assessment of geological disposal. The co-authors include Prof. Shinya Nagasaki (McMaster University in Canada); Prof. Yuichi Niibori (Tohoku University); Dr. Shinichi Nakayama and three other senior researchers of Atomic Energy Society of Japan.

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