Christine F. Wildsoet

Professor in Optometry & Vision Science, Center for Ocular Disease & Development, Department of Optometry and Vision Science Program
OD, PhD, FARVO, FAAO, Vision Touch & Hearing Research Center, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia


Research Interests: The main focus of our research is myopia (near-sightedness), which has become the foremost public health problem in some parts of the world, including East Asia, where >90% of some student populations are myopic. The excessive eye elongation that underlies myopia is a consequence of structural (remodeling) changes in the sclera (outer wall of eye). Lying internal to the sclera, the retina (seeing layer of the eye), becomes stretched and thinned, increasing the risk of a variety of pathologies, including detachment and macular degeneration. It follows that high myopes (>-6 D) are at greatest risk of vision loss. Our interests encompass the cultural, environmental and genetic factors underlying myopia development and progression, the mechanisms underlying the myopic eye enlargement, as well as the application of optical and bioengineering tools for the development of treatments.

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Axial Myopia