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Graduates of Asian Studies programs thrive in the professional world. Our degree programs prepare graduates to work in a variety of sectors including corporate, non-profit, government, education, technology, journalism, translation, publishing, and curating. About half of our alums go on to purse graduate study at prestigious universities including UC Berkeley. This web page will showcase some of our graduates as they reflect, in their own words, on their careers.

Miho Tajima

Miho Tajima

Miho Tajima, B.A., Class of 2009

Ph.D. candidate in Japanese Literature at Josai International University, Japan

Hi! My name is Miho Tajima (Alvarez). I graduated from CAL in 2009 with a B.A. in Asian Studies and Japanese double major. I came back to my home country, Japan, in the fall of 2010 due to my getting a divorce after twenty years of marriage. At that time, I just started going to a graduate school in the San Francisco Bay Area and did not want to terminate my research there. Fortunately, I was admitted to a graduate program here in Japan in 2012 and have resumed my research in gender criticism in modern Japanese literature.

Here at Josai International University, I find myself so lucky to have met wonderful research advisers and new friends with various backgrounds and ages. I organize study groups, as well as parties after school, which provide me great inspiration toward my work. In May 2013, my research paper was awarded the eighth Asia Pacific Women's Studies Scholarship, which will be published in spring next year. You can read the newspaper article in the last page of this link.


Besides doing research, I work part-time as an assistant editor for English-language magazines, one of which, for instance, is called "Review of Japanese Culture and Society."

I feel evermore invigorated now and can proudly say that I gained the leadership skills back in the years I spent in CAL. It took me so long to come this far (I will be fifty years old in a couple of years) and I'm not stopping here. Being an alum of Asian Studies in CAL, the experiences and achievements I had there, have always provided me confidence. I firmly believe that the experiences you have today, especially a much-needed interdisciplinary perspective you obtain from Asian Studies, will be a precious treasure in your life. GO BEARS!