Multi-area Focus

A multi-area thematic concentration is for students who want to purse a particular theme or topic of study with coursework distributed across various countries or regions of Asia. Since this is an interdisciplinary major, the coursework will be distributed across departments as well. "Multi-area" includes all countries and regions of Asia. One of the areas chosen must be either China or Japan. Other areas can include Korea and countries in South Asia or Southeast Asia. Students must take the following

  • AS 10 (Intro to Asia) and a lower-division history course (choose one course from History 6A (China, Early empires); History 6B (Modern China); History 11 (India); History 14 (Japan); SEAsian 10A (Southeast Asia—mainland); SEAsian 10B (Southeast Asia—insular).
  • 2 years of Chinese, Japanese or Korean or equivalent
  • Disciplinary Focus: 1 upper division Theory and Methods course (list below) and 1 upper division course on China or Japan from the same discipline/department
  • One upper division History course on China or Japan
  • Student will create his/her own emphasis in the form of a theme or topic that can be pursued through five courses on countries and regions of East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. A statement detailing the theme/topic and proposed course list must be submitted to the staff advisor before starting coursework.

Course list for Disciplinary focus: Theory and Methods Course (choose one)

ANTHRO 114 History of Anthropological Thought (4)
ANTHRO 141 Comparative Societies; non-western societies (4)
ANTHRO 144 Social and Cultural Change; non-western societies (4)
ANTHRO 169B Research Theory and Methods in Socio-cultural Anthropology (5)
ECON 100A Economic Analysis-Micro (4)
ECON 100B Economic Analysis-Macro (4)
ECON 101A Economic Theory-Micro (4)
ECON 101B Economic Theory-Macro (4)
FILM 100 History of Film Theory (4)
HISTART 100 Theories and Methods of Art History (4)
IAS 102 Scope and Methods of Research in International and Area Studies.
Note: Since there is no second disciplinary focus class offered through this dept, courses from other depts can be used.
LING 100 Introduction to Linguistic Science (4)
LING 140 Intro to Field Methods (3)
Note: Since there is no second disciplinary focus class offered through this dept, courses from other depts can be used.
PEIS 100 Classical Theories of Political Economy (4)
PEIS 101 Contemporary Theories of Political Economy (4)
Note: Since there is no second disciplinary focus class offered through this dept, courses from other depts can be used.
PHIL 100 Philosophical Methods
PS 112A, 112B, 112C, 112D History of Political thought (4,4,4)
SOC 101A, 101B, 101C Sociological Theory (5,5,5)
SOC 105 Introduction to Sociological Methods (5)

History Requirement (choose one)

HIST 100 Topics in History (when on Asia) (4)
HIST 103F Seminar on Asia (4)
HIST 116A, 116B, 116C, 116D China (4,4,4,4)
HIST 118A, B, C Japan(4,4,4)

Course list for the Interarea/Interdisciplinary requirements (see top of page for breakdown)

ANTHRO 125 Asian Archaeology (4)
ANTHRO C125A Archaeology of East Asia (4)
ANTHRO C125B Archaeology and Japanese Identities (4)
ANTHRO 147C Globalization and Gender in Asia Pacific (4)
ANTHRO 170 China (4)
ANTHRO 171 Japan (4)
ANTHRO 184 South Asia (4)
ANTHRO C186 Southeast Asia: Cultures, States and Capitalisms in the Pacific Rim (4)
ASIANST 150 Topics in Asian Studies (areas of focus vary) (4)
ASIANAMST 138 Topics in Asian Popular Culture (4)
BUDD C114 Tibetan Buddhism (4)
BUDD 181 Development of Buddhism in East and Inner Asia (4)
BUDD 182 Buddhism in Contemporary Society (4)
CHINESE 100A Advanced Chinese (5)
CHINESE 100AX Intermediate Chinese for Mandarin Speakers (3)
CHINESE 100B Advanced Chinese (5)
CHINESE 100BX Advanced Chinese for Mandarin Speakers (3)
CHINESE 101 Fourth Year Readings-Literature (4)
CHINESE 102 Fourth Year Readings- Social Science and History (4)
CHINESE 110A Intro to Literary Chinese (4)
CHINESE 110B Intro to Literary Chinese (4)
CHINESE 111 Fifth-Year Chinese A (4)
CHINESE 112 Fifth-Year Chinese B (4)
CHINESE 120 Ancient Chinese Prose (4)
CHINESE 122 Ancient Chinese Poetry (4)
CHINESE 130 Topics in Taoism (4)
CHINESE 132 Readings in Early Medieval Literature (4)
CHINESE 134 Readings in Classical Chinese Poetry (4)
CHINESE 136 Readings in Medieval Prose (4)
CHINESE 138 Readings in Chinese Drama (4)
CHINESE C140 Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts (4)
CHINESE 155 Readings in Vernacular Chinese Literature (4)
CHINESE 156 Modern Chinese Literature (4)
CHINESE 157 Contemporary Chinese Literature (4)
CHINESE 158 Reading Chinese Cities (4)
CHINESE 159 Cities and the Country (4)
CHINESE 161 Structure of the Chinese Language (4)
CHINESE 165 History of the Chinese Language (4)
CHINESE 180 The Story of the Stone (4)
CHINESE 182 Death and Funerary Practice in China (4)
CHINESE 183 Traditional Chinese Culture (4)
CHINESE C184 Sonic Culture in China (4)
CHINESE C185 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy (4)
CHINESE 186 Confucius and His Interpreters (4)
CHINESE 188 Popular Culture in Twentieth Century China (4)
CHINESE 189 Chinese Landscapes (4)
CITYPL 115 Urbanism in Developing Countries (3)
EALC 100 Reading Alternative Space (4)
EALC 101 Catastrophe, Memory and Narrative (4)
EALC 102 Fantastic Histories (4)
EALC 103 Writing, Visuality, and the Powers of Images (4)
EALC 104 Tales of Two Empires: Lit & Hist of the 19th Century (4)
EALC 105 Dynamics of Romantic Core Values in East Asia (4)
EALC 106 Expressing the Ineffable in China and beyond (4)
EALC 107 War, Empire and Literature in East Asia (4)
EALC 108 Revising the Classics
EALC 109 History of the Culture of Tea in China and Japan (4)
EALC C120 Buddhism on the Silk Road (4)
EALC C122 Buddhist Meditation (4)
EALC C130 Zen Buddhism (4)
EALC 181 East Asian Film (4)
ECON 162 The Chinese Economy (3)
ECON C171 Economic Development (4)
ECON C181 International Trade (4)
ECON 183 International Economic Seminar (4)
FILM 160 National Cinema (when on China) (4)
FILM 160 National Cinema (when on Japan) (4)
GEOG 153 Geography of East Asia (3)
GEOG 164 The Geography of Economic Development in China (4)
GEOG 175 Undergrad Seminar (when on Asia) (4)
HIST 100 Topics in History (when on China) (4)
HIST 103F Proseminar: Asia
HIST 111 Topics in the History of Southeast Asia (4)
HIST C111B Modern Southeast Asia (4)
HIST 111C Political and Cultural History of Vietnam (4)
HIST 1113A Traditional Korean History (4)
HIST 113B Modern Korean History (4)
HIST 114A Medieval and Early Modern India to the Coming of the British (4)
HIST 114B Modern South Asia (4)
HIST 116A Early China (4)
HIST 116B China during the Tang and Song Dynasties (4)
HIST 116C Modern China (4)
HIST 116D Twentieth-Century China (4)
HIST 117A Chinese Popular Culture (4)
HIST 117C Reading the Visual in Chinese History (4)
HIST 117D The Chinese Body: Gender and Sex, Health and Medicine (4)
HIST 118A Archaeological Period to 1800 (4)
HIST 118B Japan: 1800-1900 (4)
HIST 118C Empire and Alienation: The 20th Century (4)
HIST 119A Postwar Japan (4)
HISTART 130A Early Chinese Art (4,4)
HISTART 131A Early Chinese Painting (4)
HISTART 131B Later Chinese Painting (4)
HISTART 134 Arts of the Japanese Temple (4)
HISTART 136A, 136B, 136 C Art of India (4,4,4)
HISTART 137 Art of Southeast Asia (4)
HISTART 190A Special Topics, Fields of Art History: Asia (4)
HISTART 192 Asian Seminar (4)
JAPANESE 100A Advanced Japanese (5)
JAPANESE 100B Advanced Japanese (5)
JAPANESE 100S Japanese for Sinologists (4)
JAPANESE 101 Fourth Year Readings Literature (4)
JAPANESE 102 Fourth Year Readings: Japanese Culture (4)
JAPANESE 103 Fourth-Year Readings: Japanese Literature (4)
JAPANESE 104 Fourth-Year Readings: Japanese History (4)
JAPANESE 111 Fifth Year Japanese (4)
JAPANESE 112 Fifth Year Japanese B (4)
JAPANESE C115 Japanese Buddhism (4)
JAPANESE 120 Classical Japanese (4)
JAPANESE 130 Classical Japanese Poetry (4)
JAPANESE 132 Pre-Modern Japanese Diary Literature (4)
JAPANESE 140 Heian Prose (4)
JAPANESE 142 Japanese Medieval Prose
JAPANESE 144 Edo Literature (4)
JAPANESE 146 Japanese Historical Documents (4)
JAPANESE 155 Modern Japanese Literature (4)
JAPANESE 159 Contemporary Japanese Literature (4)
JAPANESE 160 Intro to Japanese Linguistics: Grammar (4)
JAPANESE 161 Intro to Japanese Linguistics: Usage (4)
JAPANESE 163 Translation: Theory and Practice (4)
JAPANESE 170 Classical Japanese Literature in Translation (4)
JAPANESE 172 Tokyo: Biography of a City (4)
JAPANESE 173 Modern Japanese Lit in Translation (4)
JAPANESE C174 Japanese Buddhism in Diaspora (4)
JAPANESE 180 Ghosts and Modern Literary Imagination (4)
JAPANESE 185 Introduction to Japanese Cinema (4)
JAPANESE 186 Japanese Drama in Translation (4)
JAPANESE 187 Japanese Performance Forms (4)
JAPANESE 188 Japanese Visual Culture: Anime (4)
LEGALST 161 Law in Chinese Society (4)
MUS 131A Music of India (4)
MUS 133C Music and Theater in Southeast Asia (4)
MUS 133D Music of Central Java (4)
MUS 134A Music of the East Asia Tradition (4)
MUS 134B Music of Japan (4)
MUS 139 Music and Theatre in East Asia (4)
MUS 140 Javanese Gamelan (2)
NES 126 Silk Road Art and Archaeology (3)
PHIL 153 Chinese Philosophy (4)
PS Special Topics in International Relations (when on Asia) (4)
PS 128 Chinese Foreign Policy (4)
PS 138E Varieties of Capitalism: Political Economic Systems of the World (4)
PS 140 Selected Topics in Comparative Politics (when on Asia) (4)
PS 143A, 143B Northeast Asian Politics (4,4)
PS 143C Chinese Politics (4)
PS 143E The Political Economy of China (4)
PS 144B Politics of Divided Korea (4)
PS 145A-B South Asian Politics (4)
PS 149 Special Topics (when on Asia) (4)
PSYCH 107 Buddhist Psychology (3)
REL ST C161 Early India (4)
REL ST C163 Religious Movements in Modern India (4)
REL ST C164 Religion in Medieval India (4)
REL ST C165 Hindu Mythology (4)
REL ST C166 India’s Great Epics (4)
SEAS 128 Introd to Modern Indonesian and Malaysian Literature in Translation (4)
SEAS 129 Mainland Southeast Asian Literature (4)
SEAS 130 Articulations of the Female in Indonesia (4)
SEAS 137 Islam and Society in Southeast Asia (4)
SEAS 138 Southeast Asian Cultures, Texts and Politics (4)
SEAS C141B Modern Southeast Asia (4)
SEAS C164 The Indonesian Connection: Dutch Literature about the Indies (4)
SOUTHASIANST108 Psychology and Traditional India (3)
SOUTHASIANST 121 Classical Indian Literature in Translation (4)
SOUTHASIANST 124 Modern Indian Literature (3)
SOUTHASIANST 141 Religion in South India (4)
SOUTHASIANST 144 Islam in South Asia (4)
SOUTHASIANST 146 Mughal India (4)
SOUTHASIANST 148 Religious Nationalism in South Asia (4)
SOUTHASIANST 152 Literature, Nation and Film
SSEAS 120 Topics in South and Southeast Asian Studies (4)
SSEAS C135 Tantric Traditions of Asia (4)
SSEAS C145 Buddhism in Contemporary Society (4)
SSEAS 149 Studies in South and Southeast Asian languagues (4)
SSEAS 190 Seminar in South and Southeast Asian Studies (3)
SOC 172 Development and Globalization (4)
SOC 183 Contemporary Chinese Society (4)
SOC C183 China in the 1990s: Reporting the Contradictions (4)
SOC 190 Seminar on Advanced Topics, when on Asia (4)

Note: This is not an exhaustive list. There might be courses not on this list that you can take to count towards the major. Please send the syllabus to asianst@berkeley.edu and an advisor will get back to you regarding its equivalency. The same can be done for courses taken at community colleges and through study abroad programs.