Advisory Committee

The Group in Asian Studies is supervised by a Faculty Advisory Committee consisting of representatives of the four regional subdivisions (South and Southeast Asia are options only at the graduate level). The committee members are faculty from academic departments of the university who serve the Group voluntarily. Positions rotate informally among those whose teaching and research center on Asia. One member of the committee acts as the Chair and Head Adviser of the Group. It is chaired by Professor Aihwa Ong from the Department of Anthropology.

  • Martin Backstrom (Institute of East Asian Studies) — China
  • Jeffrey Hadler (South and Southeast Asian Studies) — Indonesia, Ethnography, History, Culture
  • Laura Nelson (Gender and Women’s Studies) — South Korea, Health, Immigration
  • Michael Nylan (History) — Early China, Warring States through Eastern Han (475 BC-AD 220), Aesthetics, Material culture, Belief
  • Aihwa Ong (Anthropology) — Southeast Asia, East Asia, Globalization, Governance, Cosmopolitan Science, Contemporary Asian Art
  • T.J. Pempel (Political Science) — Japan, Asian Regionalism, Political Economy
  • Robert Sharf (East Asian Languages and Cultures) — Chinese Buddhism (especially Chan), Japanese Buddhism, Buddhist art, Ritual studies, Religious Studies