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This Buddah is one of the many that can be found at the ancient Longmen caverns in China.
-Photo: Daniel Fein

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Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies

The Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary student journal that bridges research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Journal strives to broaden the study of Asian across disciplinary lines and to expand the Asian Studies community by promoting leadership and scholarship of Asia.

We are pleased to open submissions for contributions to the fourth edition of the Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies.

The submission deadline is February 15, 2014. For information on how to submit, please refer to our FAQ section.

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Third Edition Spring 2013
How Does Ethnicity Affect Current China-Malaysia Relations? — Kankan Xie
Constructing "Culture" — Mark Portillo
The Success of Environmental NGOs in Suharto's Indonesia — Rachel Phoa
The Relevance of Kautilya's Arthashastra — Ramanathan Veerappan
Ainu and the Metaphors of Indigeneity: Land, History, Science, Law and Bodies — Valerie Black
Not so Singular: Laicization in Japanese Buddhism and Parallels in South Asia — Robert Bowers Curl
pdf | 2,056k

Second Edition Spring 2012
A Sociopolitical and Economic Analysis of Recent Shanghai Policies on Hukou and Migrant Worker Insurance — Dawei Ding
An Analysis of State-based Narratives in Pakistani and Indian Textbooks — Tara Yarlagadda
The Current Buraku Issue in Tokyo and Its Solutions — Muyang Chen
Deconstructing Japan's Military Globalism: The March to "Normal" Nationhood — Benjamin Knight
pdf | 10,818k

Inaugural Edition Fall 2010
Soviet Internationalism, Chinese Nationalism, and Early Kuomintang Struggles — Lin, James
Becoming Taiwanese — Tiberio, Alessandro
The Tokyo Tribunal — Horbinski, Andrea
Professor Interview featuring Lanchih Po — Tompkin, Nina
pdf | 603k


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