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This Buddah is one of the many that can be found at the ancient Longmen caverns in China.
-Photo: Daniel Fein

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies?
The Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies serves to collect and promote the best Asia-related scholarly work from all disciplines at the University of California. We receive and select submissions for publication in the spring.

Who is eligible to submit an entry?
We encourage submissions from graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled at or recently matriculated from the University of California, Berkeley across disciplines on any Asia-related topic. Students with original research papers are encouraged to submit by our fall semester deadline.

What is the submission process?
The applicant first submits a publication for selection under the review of the Journal Committee.

If selected, the Journal Committee will correspond with the student to involve a Berkeley faculty member, who provides support to the student in the editing process by providing comments and additional feedback for final publication.

Your submission(s) must be completed for publication by the deadline set by the Journal Committee. The student will be notified of the opportunity to participate in the research symposium hosted by Berkeley Student Journal for Asian Studies.

What is considered an entry for submission?
While the Journal aims to review original research papers, original short stories, poetry, art, and other creative works, such as student experience in Asia, are also welcomed. Students wishing to interview selected faculty or submit cover art, are also invited to submit. The Journal Committee welcomes entries with relevance to “Asia,” as defined geographically by regions spanning Northeast Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and Central Asia. If you are unsure if you work is relevant and eligible, please email berkeleysjas@gmail.com for clarification.

Is there a specific format for submission?
Please submit MS-Word compatible files to berkeleysjas@gmail.com. Submissions must include a cover page with the author's name, discipline, and year in school, and formatted with one-inch margins, single-spaced, and Times New Roman 12 point font. Manuscripts must be from 1750-7500 words, and must include a 250 word abstract at the beginning of the document.

Article manuscripts must use Chicago style footnote citations and a works cited page.

Your entry will not be complete without your contact information. In the body of your submission e-mail to berkeleysjas@gmail.com, you must include the following:

  • Name
  • Major / Year
  • E-mail Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Please title the subject: Asian Studies Journal Entry.



What determines selection and publication?
Each piece of work is evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Originality of work
  • Assertion of a clear and significant argument
  • Quality of the evidence provided to support claims
  • Organization of ideas in guiding readers' understanding
  • Grammar, syntax, spelling

Moreover, while the Journal Committee chooses to evaluate each submission based on several criteria, we also approach and evaluate each entry holistically.

Who is involved in the selection committee?
The Journal Committee is consisted of student scholars involved in Asia-related studies, both undergraduate and graduate.

What if I miss the deadline for submission?
Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the fall semester. It is best to enter work by the specified date in order for the committee to have the opportunity to review your submissions.

If you are unsure of the deadline please email us at berkeleysjas@gmail.com and we will inform you.

Is work from previous semesters eligible?
Yes. In our aim to collect Asia-related work, pieces for review and selection do not have to be from the past or current semester. As long as the information provided in the work remains factually correct, submissions need not be time-sensitive.

If I submitted a paper last semester for selection, should I submit it again?
Because we do accept work on a rolling basis, it would be best to notify us again during the submission period in the following semester if you wish to be included in the applicant pool. In regards to work that was reviewed but not selected, it would be best if changes were made to improve the work before submitting it once more.

How many pieces are selected?
Our journal is not currently maintained at any specified length. However, when selecting, we do take into consideration the academic level of the applicant, as well as the type of submission piece. We attempt to provide a broad perspective of Asia-related studies in the journal, but ultimately, the work is first evaluated on its literary and scholarly worth.

How often does the journal get published?
The Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies publishes once a year in the spring.


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