Undergraduate Program

Overview of Requirements

Prerequisite Courses in the Major

Students petitioning to enter the group major must have completed (grade C- or better) the following:

  1. Asian Studies 10, Introduction to Asia (offered in the fall only).
  2. One lower-division history course (choose one): History 6A (China, Early empires); History 6B (Modern China); History 11 (India); History 14 (Japan); SEAsian 10A (Southeast Asia—mainland); SEAsian 10B (Southeast Asia—insular), Korean 7A (Premodern Korea), Korean 7B (Modern Korea), South Asian 1A (Early India) and South Asian 1B (Medieval and Modern India).

Additional Major Requirements

Once accepted into the major, the student is expected to select one of three concentrations: Area I—Multi-area; Area II—China; or Area III—Japan, For Area I, one area of which must be either China or Japan with others including Korea, countries of Southeast Asia or South Asia. The following coursework is required:

  1. Two years of language appropriate to the concentration. After the second year, further study of the language at the upper division level is encouraged and will count toward the major unit requirements. In the multi-area thematic concentration, the language will be Chinese, Japanese or Korean, as appropriate.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 30 units of upper division coursework.
  3. Two upper-division courses in the same discipline. One of the two must be a course whose primary purpose is to introduce the theories and methods of the discipline.
  4. One upper division course must be a course in Asian history appropriate to the student's concentration.
  5. Five inter-area/interdisciplinary courses. In the concentration on Area I (Multi-area), the student will create his/her own emphasis in the form of a theme or topic that can be pursued through five courses on countries and regions of East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. In the concentration on Area II (China), three out of the five courses must be on China. In the concentration on Area III (Japan), three out of the five courses must be on Japan.