Currently accepting late Summer 2015 applications until program is filled. Late Academic Year 2015-16 and Fall 2015 applications accepted until programs are filled. AY and Fall applications submitted after February 5th will not be considered for IUP scholarships.


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Kening Li

IUP's Resident Director

The current Resident Director, Dr. Kening Li, joined IUP in June 2010. Dr. Li received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Washington and was awarded a Distinction in Teaching Recognition from Harvard University in 2008 and in 2009 while working at Harvard before joining IUP.

Dr. Li considers Beijing her home where she spent her senior high school and college years. IUP is very fortunate to have a native Beijinger who can share her local knowledge and academic expertise with the IUP faculty, staff, and students.

New Policy for Deferred Attendance

Due to the very large number of applications that IUP has received in the past two years, IUP will no longer allow applicants to defer attendance. Applicants who have been accepted to IUP but who would like to attend the following year will need to re-apply as new applicants and meet the official application deadlines.

Medical and Health Care

Due to the lower level of health care available in China, the current state of medical facilities in Beijing, and the long distance of Tsinghua from Western-managed clinics and hospitals (all located on the other side of Beijing), IUP strongly recommends that any students with a pre-existing medical condition consult with their physician to see if their condition would be worsened by living in Beijing.

Beijing has severe air pollution, extremely dry air and dust storms in winter and spring, and several infectious diseases (e.g. TB and hepatitis) that are prevalent. Asthma sufferers and those with other respiratory aliments will find living in Beijing very challenging.