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Updated: January 12, 2016

Note: The IUP academic year has two 16-week semesters; each semester is divided into two eight-week "modules" with different classes, textbooks and teachers in each module.

The summer session lasts eight weeks, with 40 days of classes.

Every eight-week module has 80–160 hours of classroom language instruction, depending on course assignments.

IUP Academic Calendar 2015–2016

Note: No classes will be arranged on weekends. There are at least two weekend field trips arranged in each of the three semesters (Fall, Spring and Summer). The dates will be announced in advance during the semesters.

Academic Year Program (Fall and Spring) 2015–2016

August 23 (SU)Latest Date for New Students to Arrive
August 24–28 (MO–FR)Orientation and Testing
August 31 (MO)Classes Begin, Module I
September 30 – October 4 (WE–SU)National Day holiday, No Class
October 9 (FR)Open House Day
October 23 (FR)Last Day of Module I (Final Exam)
October 24 – November 1(SA–SU)Fall Break (one week)
November 2 (MO)Classes Begin, Module II
December 11 (FR)Open House Day
December 24 (TH)Last Day of Module II (Final Exam)
December 25 – January 10 (FR–SU)Winter Break (for continuing students, two weeks)
January 4 (MO)Latest Date for New Students to Arrive
January 5–8 (TU–FR)New Students Orientation and Testing
January 11 (MO)Classes Begin, Module III
January 30 – February 21 (SA–SU)Chinese New Year Break (three weeks)
March 11 (FR)Open House Day
March 25 (FR)Last Day of Module III (Final Exam)
March 26 – April 3 (SA–SU)Spring Break (one week)
April 4 (MO)Classes Begin, Module IV
May 13 (FR)Open House Day
May 27 (FR)Last Day of Module IV (Final Exam)

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Summer Program 2016

June 12 (SU)Latest Date for New Students to Arrive
June 13–17 (MO–FR)Orientation and Testing
June 20 (MO)Classes Begin
July 29 (FR)Open House Day
August 12 (FR)Last Day of Class (Final Exam)

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IUP Academic Calendar 2016–2017

Academic Year Program (Fall and Spring) 2016–2017

August 22 (MO)Last Day for Student Arrivals
August 23 (TU)Placement Test & Orientation
August 29 (MO)Classes Begin
September 15 (TH)No Classes (Mid-Autumn Festival)
October 3-5 (MO-WE)No Classes (Chinese National Holiday)
October 21 (FR)Final Exam; Module 1 Ends
October 24 (FR)10/28 No Classes: Mid Semester Break
October 31 (MO)Classes Begin
December 23 (FR)Final Exam; Module 2 Ends
December 26 - January 3 (MO-TU)IUP Winter Holiday
January 3 (TU)Last Day for Student Arrivals
January 4 (WE)Placement Test and Orientation
January 9 (MO)Classes Begin
January 23 - February 10 (MO-FR)No Classes (2017 Spring Festival / "Chinese New Year")
February 13 (MO)Classes Resume
March 24 (FR)Final Exams, Module 3 Ends
March 27-31 (MO-FR)No Classes (Mid-Semester Break)
April 3 (MO)Classes Begin
April 4 (TU)No Classes (Tomb-Sweeping Holiday--Qingming jie)
May 1 (MO)No Classes (May 1st Holiday)
May 26 (FR)Final Exam; Module 4 Ends
May 29 - June 2 (MO-FR)No Classes, Teachers off: IUP post-spring break
May 5-9 (MO-FR)No Classes, Potential New Teacher Training (if necessary)

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Summer Program 2017

June 12 (MO)Last Date for Student Arrivals
June 13 (TU)Placement Test and Orientation
June 19 (MO)Classes Begin
August 11 (FR)Final Exam; Summer Module Ends

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