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Evaluation and Guidance

Students' language proficiency levels are evaluated by the IUP Placement and Exit Test at the beginning and end of the Program in Beijing, and by the standardized test HSK (administered at the Beijing Language University by the Ministry of Education) at the end of the Academic Year Program. Incremental progress through the course of the Academic Year is measured by regular quizzes and mid-term and final exams at the end of each module.

During the last half of each 8-week module, each student will receive a language progress evaluation report from each teacher who teaches that student, with detailed comments on, and suggestions for improving, the student's pronunciation, tones, vocabulary, grammar, classroom interaction, etc.

Shortly after the conclusion of each 8-week module, each student will receive a "Progress Report," along with an IUP transcript at the end of the second and fourth modules in the academic year, and at the end of the summer session.

IUP awards both numerical and letter grades for work completed at IUP. The students' home institutions retain the right to evaluate work done at the IUP for academic credits according to their own standards. IUP cannot issue a formally-recognized transcript for academic credit for course work at the IUP Center. However, students who wish to obtain formal academic credit for courses taken at IUP should refer to the Academic Credit section on obtaining a formal transcript issued by Indiana University for courses completed at IUP.

The IUP Center provides language training to students without prejudice to the non-language aspects of the students' academic or professional orientation, and conversely, IUP does not direct students in or toward particular academic or professional careers.