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2014-2015 IUP Curriculum

Level Main Textbook Listening Text Supplementary Materials
Remedial Modern Chinese Conversation Across the Straits N/A
Intermediate Talks on Chinese Culture Thought and Society Across the Straits Frankly Speaking N/A
Advanced Participation Academic Topics Society and Culture Broadcast Listening Comprehension 1
Broadcast Listening Comprehension 2
Discussion of Broadcasts
Language of the Dragon 1
(Classical Chinese)
Language of the Dragon 2
(Classical Chinese)
Business Chinese 1
Business Chinese 2
Chinese Colloquial Idioms
Reading Chinese Through Newspaper
Contemporary Literature
Contemporary Chinese Films
Law Basics
Self-selected materials Self-selected materials Self-selected materials

These teaching materials are arranged in order of increasing difficulty. All students are required to take these materials in sequence, in order to develop a solid and balanced foundation in all four skill areas: comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

An interview upon arrival as well as the placement test administered at IUP determines where in the sequence of materials each student will begin.

Each set of materials should be covered in one 8-week module.

The "Main Textbook" materials, which are covered in a 1-on-l class for one hour and then again in a small group class of 2-3 students in the second hour. The 1-on-1 session focuses on the student's individual pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar issues while the group class emphasizes the text and related topics.

The "Listening Texts" and the "Supplementary Materials" are also covered daily in small group classes of 2-3 students. Discussions based on the materials are applied to build on students' ability to comment on the corresponding topics.

For advanced level students, other materials are available for specialized topical areas, e.g. classical Chinese, business, literature, newspaper, film, law, etc. Self-selected materials are adopted for appropriate level students.