Currently accepting late Academic Year 2015-16 and Fall 2015 applications until programs are filled. Applicants must have their own valid China visa for the Fall term in order to apply now. Late AY and Fall applications can not be considered for IUP scholarships.

Fees & Financial Aid

Loan Deferment

Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies is not part of the University of California at Berkeley, and enrollment in an IUP program does not constitute enrollment in U.C. Berkeley. Since IUP is a consortium and not a degree-granting institution, federally-funded student loans are not granted to IUP students. These loans would only be available if the student is concurrently enrolled at a US institution willing to certify the loan application.

At the request of a student, IUP will, however, send a descriptive statement of work being done to a financial institution for the purposes of loan deferment. Once students have been admitted and have sent their deposit as proof of intention to attend the IUP program, their loan deferment forms should be sent to the Inter-University Program office at U.C. Berkeley. Loan deferment through IUP is NOT guaranteed. Applicants should check with their loan agency because some will not grant deferments while studying at a consortium-sponsored program.