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Life at Tsinghua


Telephones: There is a direct-dial phone in the dormitories, and students may receive and make local and long distance calls from the rooms. There are also IDD phones in the dormitory buildings as well as in the IUP Center. Locally available phone cards, as well as international credit cards, can be used to make international calls at many public phones.

Fax: The dormitory front desk and the IUP office both have fax facilities. The fee for sending and receiving faxes for students are about the same at these two facilities.

Email: Email is widely available commercially in China now, and there are email "cafes" and shops near Tsinghua. The cost varies depending on the level of service, and whether or not you have your own equipment. The phone line in your room is technologically capable of accepting a modem hookup. You would need a "junction box" (locally available and inexpensive) for plugging in a modem line. Foreign students at Tsinghua may also use the computers in the main library to access email.