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Life at Tsinghua


IUP students have the choice of residing in off-campus apartments, living with host families, or applying for limited dorm rooms in Tsinghua's foreign student dormitory. The dorm option is the most difficult to secure, because Tsinghua has full control over its dormitories. The dorm option is not available for IUP's summer students at this time. Currently a few IUP academic year and semester students have been granted single dorm rooms with private bathrooms and on-site laundry facilities for approximately $13 a day. These prices set by Tsinghua are subject to change without warning.

As the housing situation in Beijing has changed considerably over the last few years, there are now many off-campus housing options available to students. Many of our students have enjoyed the experience of living in nearby neighborhoods, and those who are interested in off-campus housing are encouraged to arrive well before the start of classes to make such arrangements on their own (our language center will provide a list of reliable rental agencies to make the task easier). IUP can offer general advice on how to secure off-campus apartments, but students should expect to take this task on themselves. Please read this list for estimates of potential expenses while attending IUP.

Students who wish to live with a host family should notify the IUP Field Director shortly after admission to the program. Most of the families are part of the IUP-Tsinghua community. Many host families are located near the south gate of campus which is closer to restaurants and shopping than the dorm is. Please read this list for estimates of potential expenses while attending IUP.

IUP has created a renter's handbook which can be downloaded here. This handbook is intended for use by students in the Inter‑University Program for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua University. Users are kindly asked to notify us of any mistakes or omissions.