Currently accepting late Academic Year 2015-16 and Fall 2015 applications until programs are filled. Applicants must have their own valid China visa for the Fall term in order to apply now. Late AY and Fall applications can not be considered for IUP scholarships.

Life at Tsinghua

Local Transportation

Transporation photo

Bicycling is the best mode of transportation on and near the Tsinghua campus. Bicycle prices currently start around 150 yuan. Buses and mini-buses are the most common modes of public transportation in Beijing, and there are bus stops near the various gates of Tsinghua University. The subway is the most efficient way to reach many places in Beijing, such as the international business district. There is a light railway station within walking distance of Tsinghua University, which connects to the Beijing subway system. Taxis are readily available and inexpensive, but they are not nearly as inexpensive as the subway, etc. Riding in a taxi after dark, especially for a woman alone, is not altogether safe. If you must be out late at night, it is best that you have a friend with you.

Transporation photo