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Visa and Housing FAQs

Visa FAQs

  1. How can I apply for Tsinghua visa documents (JW202 form and Tsinghua Admission Letter)?
    Tsinghua University will open its online application system in a designated period of time. IUP Beijing office staff Zhu Weiwei will send an e-mail to guide you on how to fill in the online applications and tell you how to finish the application procedure.

  2. What are Tsinghua visa documents used for?
    IUP students can use visa documents to apply for a Chinese visa and also can use them to enjoy Tsinghua University benefits, such as a student ID card, meal card, access to the Tsinghua library, free wifi access, etc.

  3. When will I receive Tsinghua visa documents?
    Generally speaking, students will receive Tsinghua visa documents at least one month before the IUP semester starts.

  4. What kind of Chinese visa can I apply for before I study at IUP?
    IUP students can apply for a student visa at the Chinese consulate in your home country. With the documents (JW202 Form and Tsinghua Admission Letter) issued by Tsinghua University, the student should apply for a student visa (X1 or X2 type) to enter China.

    X1 visa is usually issued to students planning to study for over 180 days. X1 visa is valid for 30 days after entrance of China. Students must transfer X1 visa into a residence permit in Beijing, otherwise an illegal stay is constituted, and they will be fined RMB 500/day. Make sure that there are at least 7 working days left for the validity of the X1 visa when you transfer the visa. Tsinghua University may refuse a student whose X1 visa is already expired or only has validity time less than 7 working days. The student is fully responsible for all the consequences.

    X2 visa is usually issued to students planning to study less than 180 days. Usually the visa is valid for one time of entrance.

    Notice: Students from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan can hold valid entry permits to study at IUP; they do not require a visa or residence permit.

  5. How to transfer X1 visa into Residence Permit?
    Please prepare the below materials when you go to Tsinghua foreign students’ office to transfer a visa:
    • Two 2” passport-style photos
    • Original passport
    • Physical exam report you obtain from Beijing Sanitary & Quarantine Office (Designated Hospital)
    • REGISTRATION FORM OF TEMPORARY RESIDENCE 临时住宿登记表 obtained from the local police station (paichusuo).
    • Completed JW202 form (one of visa documents)
    • Letter of Acceptance issued by Tsinghua (one of visa documents)
    • Residence Permit Application Form issued by Tsinghua Foreign Student Office
    • RMB 900 yuan
  6. How to obtain Registration Form of Temporary Residence?
    To live in China, EVERY foreigner must begin the procedures to obtain this document WITHIN 24 HOURS after moving into an apartment or with Chinese friends or with host family. It is a small slip of paper. It is processed at the local police station. This is considered local police registration, and you need to get a new one anytime you move to a new abode. You need to get this form regardless of the length of your stay. It must be renewed after obtaining the residency permit. You need this document to get the next one. You will only need to bring your passport for this procedure. Your landlord will know where to register for the form and you also can let IUP Beijing office staff know if there is anything unclear about this procedure.

  7. Where to do a medical exam in Beijing? (X2 visa holder doesn’t need to do medical exam)
    When you arrive in Beijing, please first go to Haidian Clinic of Beijing International Healthcare Center (other hospital’s report is invalid) at 10# Dezheng Road, Haidian with your passport, 3 color photos (2-inched, passport sized).

    If you have done the physical exam, you will get a verified report from them with fees about ?100. Don’t have breakfast before you go there or you will probably be asked to redo some items if necessary.

    If you have NOT done it, please prepare ¥500 for it.

    Please tell the cab driver that the hospital is beside Xibeiwang Zhen Zhengfu (西北旺镇政府)

    Tel: 82403675

    Please don't have breakfast and the office hours are from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. (only in the morning)

    You will get your report within 4 working days.

  8. How to transfer other kinds of Chinese visas into student X1 or X2 visa?
    Because Tsinghua visa transfer requirements often change and students' visa status is different, please contact with IUP Beijing office Zhu Weiwei, iup.zhuweiwei@gmail.com. She can give you guidance according to your visa status.

  9. Can I apply for a student visa or tourist visa in Hong Kong visa office?
    Hong Kong visa office stipulates that “If you don't reside or work in Hong Kong permanently, you are required to apply Chinese visa from the Embassy or Consulate-General of Peoples' Republic of China in your resident country.” So it is better for you to contact the Hong Kong visa office directly in order not to waste time and money.

    Hong Kong Visa Office Enquiry Service
    (1) Tel- Enquiry
    24 hour Recorded Visa Information Service: 852-34132300
    Live Answering Telephone: 852-34132424 (available at 10:00-11:00am, 3:00-4:00pm on workdays)
    (2) Fax: 852-34132312
    (3) Email: fmcovisa_hk@mfa.gov.cn

Housing FAQs

  1. How to reserve on-campus dormitory?
    Tsinghua has four foreign student dorm buildings. The dorm rooms are small, but each has a broadband Internet connection, and AB rooms and Single rooms have a tiny self-contained bathroom. Since there are a limited number of on-campus dormitory rooms, students need to book the room in advance. IUP will send you the dormitory reservation instruction with visa documents together, please do it as per requested if you want to live in the Tsinghua dormitory.

    Room TypeRoom Price
    Single room80 RMB/day
    AB room80 RMB/day
    Double room 40 RMB/day

  2. How to apply for on-campus host family stay?
    IUP has only 4-5 reliable, suitable Tsinghua faculty families now for you to choose from. Upon your application, we will contact the families. Most of the host families are retired staff of Tsinghua, not necessarily professors. They are kind, attentive, willing to communicate with students, have experiences of living with foreigners, and know how to get along with them. The conditions of the rooms they provide differ. Most of them are not very big but fully-equipped with air-conditioners, heating, washing machines, bathroom and internet access. Please take note that they neither offer lunch or dinner, nor allow cooking yourselves. There is a selection of dining halls and restaurants with different flavors on and around campus for you to choose from. In addition, to get more details about the host family, IUP Beijing office Jia laoshi, will also provide the email of the student who is currently living with the family that will be assigned to you for a more direct experience of living with them. Feel free to let the IUP Beijing office staff know whenever you are dissatisfied with the room and they will try their best to change for another one. If you plan to live with home stay, please let Zhu Weiwei know.

    Host family price: RMB 3000-3500/month

  3. How to find off-campus accommodation?
    Please find details on the IUP website: http://ieas.berkeley.edu/iup/tsinghua_housing.html

    Recently, more and more landlords have been using airbnb.com. We strongly recommend that you find a place located close to Tsinghua University.