Mongolia Collection at the UC Berkeley Library

The collecting of Mongolia materials for the UC Berkeley has been reinvigorated. Berkeley has a long tradition of collecting Mongolian materials that stretches back to ninety Buddhist blockprints in Mongolian. The C.V. Starr East Asian Library rare book section holds Mongolian manuscripts in Mongolian, Manchu, and Chinese. Jianye He oversees the collection of contemporary materials on Mongolia in multiple languages, including Tibetan, as well as Mongolian, Manchu and Chinese.

The other major repository of print materials on Mongolia is the Doe Library. The collections in Doe library began to evolve in 2012 as a part of focused collection development of materials on Mongols of the Russian Far-East as well as from the nation-state of Mongolia, printed in Cyrillic. Liladhar R. Pendse oversees the collection of Mongolia materials in Doe Library. The collection currently focuses on history, culture, art, environmental degradation as well as social conditions in Mongolia.

Click here to download a copy of recent Mongolia acquisitions.