August 2016

American Center for Mongolian Studies

The American Center for Mongolian Studies, a key institution for Americans who wish to conduct research in Mongolia, has redesigned their website. For a list of current funding opportunities for research in Mongolia, see their FELLOWSHIPS page.

November 2015

Mongolia Initiative at UC Berkeley

With a generous gift from the government of Mongolia, UC Berkeley and the Institute of East Asian Studies are delighted to announce the establishment of the Mongolia Initiative. Under the Institute of East Asian Studies, the Mongolia Initiative will bring together UC Berkeley's diverse resources related to Mongolia. Mongolia is now being taught on campus for the first time in many years, the first Visiting Scholar has been selected, the library acquisitions program is being expanded, and plans are underway for future courses and conferences on Mongolia.

Image source: http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/ cdm/ search/ collection/ p15799coll123/ searchterm/ mongolia/ order/ nosort