Affiliated Faculty and Lecturers

Brian Baumann

Brian Baumann, who holds a Ph.D. in Mongolian Studies from Indiana University, teaches Mongolian language, and may in the future be able to offer classical Mongolian. His research involves intensive analysis of Mongolian texts concerning science, art, and Buddhism. (Member, Mongolia Initiative Faculty Steering Committee)

Patricia Berger (Emerita)

Patricia Berger, a specialist in Chinese art, has conducted extensive research on the arts of inner Asia, including Mongolia. She co-curated "Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan" a major exhibition of Mongolian art originating at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum in 1995, and published an accompanying volume on the arts of Mongolia. (Co-Chair, Mongolia Initiative Faculty Steering Committee)

Jacob Dalton

Jacob Dalton specializes in Tibetan Buddhism, which is closely related in both history and practice to the Buddhism of Mongolia. He works on Nyingma religious history, tantric ritual, paleography, and the manuscripts found at the Dunhuang caves in China. (Member, Mongolia Initiative Faculty Steering Committee)

Sanjyot Mehendale

Sanjyot Mehendale, who teaches courses on central Asia and the Silk Roads in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, is an archaeologist specializing in Eurasian trade and cultural exchange of the early Common Era. She has worked on a number of archaeology sites and projects in central Asia, including Samarkhand and Afghanistan. She is currently the Program Director for the Center for Buddhist Studies. (Member, Mongolia Initiative Faculty Steering Committee)


Liladhar R. Pendse

Dr. Liladhar R. Pendse is the librarian for Mongolian Studies collections. In addition, he oversees collection development of Central Asian, East European, and Russian collections.

Jianye He

Librarian for Chinese Collections
Jianye He collects traditional Mongolian language (or bilingual) books that are published in China. This includes works on Mongolian language, history, literature, religion, laws and institutions, ethnography, anthropology, and archaeology, with a focus on primary resources and archival materials.


Caverlee Cary, Program Director

Caverlee Cary, who holds a doctorate in Asian art, is the Assistant Director for Program Planning at the Institute of East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley. She is the pro tempore Program Director for the Mongolia Initiative.

Photo by Brian Baumann.