IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The National Center for Chinese Language Program (NCCLP) has come to a close at UC Berkeley. The STARTALK program will continue at NOTRE DAME DE NAMUR UNIVERSITY, in Belmont. For more information see their website at: https://18startalkndnu.weebly.com/ or contact Stella Kwoh at stellakwoh@berkeley.edu or (510) 418-0016.

National Center for K-16 Chinese Language Pedagogy


The Application for the 2017 Berkeley STARTALK Teacher Program is now available online at


Application deadline: April 20, 2017 11:59pm

With our successful blended (online plus onsite) program in the past, we will again offer blended program in 2017. The online program will be offered on June 12-28, 2017, and the onsite program will be offered on June 29 – July 14, 2017. There will be no class on July 3-4 and weekend.

You will receive 3 semester units issued by UC-Berkeley Extension after completing all the requirements of this 4-week professional development program. Please click the above link for a complete program description.

The following two documents are required for program admission:

  1. A full application that you can download and submit as instructed,
  2. A Reference Request Form to be completed and emailed back to me by your school principal.
    You can find this form by clicking the link above.

If you are planning to apply, please ask your principal to complete and email the Reference Request Form to ncclp@berkeley.edu by April 20, 2017. The admission status will be emailed to you on May 3, 2017.

Download the program flyer here.

If you have further questions, please contact ncclp@berkeley.edu.

Mission Statement

The National Center for K-16 Chinese Language Pedagogy is a center within the Center for Chinese Studies at the Institute of East Asian Studies. The Center cooperates with K-12 school-district partners, non-profit institutions and Berkeley faculty to develop coordinated programs that can be replicated across the state and nation. It focuses on developing curriculum guidelines at all levels, analyzing and recommending teachings materials, and developing best practices in the teaching of Chinese language and culture, with a particular emphasis on programs to strengthen the pipeline of qualified students who can enroll in advanced courses at the college level. Drawing on the expertise, resources, and human capital available at Berkeley, the Center facilitates a definitive response to the urgent need for increased expertise in Chinese-language instruction; and produce concise pedagogical tools and instructional lessons that may be learned and adapted by the K-12 and collegiate communities nationwide. The Center collects resource materials related to all aspects of K-16 Chinese language pedagogy and has them available both at the Center and online where appropriate.