2009 Conference


Below a list of PowerPoint Presentations used during the 2009 STARTALK summer conference. Thank you to the presenters for granting permission to post their work!

Chinese Culture Speech by Myriam Met

Multilingualism by Margaret Peterson

Lessons Learned in Year One by Becki Cohn-Vargas

(presentations) by Yalan King

NCCLP Assessment by Kyle Ennis

My China Village by Sachiko Kamioka

A STARTALK Intensive Summer Program for Mandarin Teachers by Xiaoqiu Xu

A New Way to Teach Chinese Characters by Xiaoqiu Xu

Towards a New Definition of Mandarin Rhyme: Evidence from Contemporary Popular Lyrics by Chris Wen-Chao Li

CONWA Approach to Hanzi Teaching by Chenzhi Chu

Reflection on Character Teaching Methods by Chenzhi Chu

STARTALK by Zhiqiang Li

The Flagship Model and the Future of Chinese Language Teaching by Charles Egan

The interdisciplinary model of teaching Chinese as a second language program at Chung Yang Christian University in Taiwan by Huang Li-yi

Teaching for Cultural Understanding: Some Useful References by Christiane Gautier