IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The National Center for Chinese Language Program (NCCLP) has come to a close at UC Berkeley. The STARTALK program will continue at NOTRE DAME DE NAMUR UNIVERSITY, in Belmont. For more information see their website at: https://18startalkndnu.weebly.com/ or contact Stella Kwoh at stellakwoh@berkeley.edu or (510) 418-0016.

Teaching Chinese as a Heritage/Foreign Language Certificate Program

The Onsite Program is ending December, 2015. For the Online Program, please contact stellakwoh@berkeley.edu

This certificate program will serve Chinese teachers of all professional capacities, both those who are looking to enter into the field and those who are aiming to enhance their teaching effectiveness. Equips them with both the theoretical knowledge and practical approaches to become an effective Chinese language teacher. The curriculum consists of 5 required courses for a total of 14 semester units.

  • Linguistics for Chinese Language Teachers (3 Units)
    Provides an introduction to basic concepts in general Mandarin Chinese linguistics and reinforces the participants' knowledge of the basic elements of linguistics relevant to the teaching of Mandarin Chinese.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication (2 Units)
    Examines the values, customs, mores, and communication styles of cultural groups, with emphasis on their implications for teaching. Learn to interpret the communicative behavior of a student and to explain how conversational behavior differs from culture to culture.
  • Second Language Acquisition (3 Units)
    Reviews the theories of first- and second-language acquisition, comparing and contrasting issues involved in both. In addition, you carefully examine theories of bilingualism.
  • Methods and Materials for Teaching Chinese I & II (3 Units Each)
    Provides a working knowledge of teaching approaches that builds communicative competence in the Chinese language classroom. Enables the students to become familiar with approaches and materials that can be used to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing fluency cultivated through observation, demonstration and active participation. Students will apply their learning in demo teaching with instructor and peer feedback.

If you have any questions regarding the certificate program, please contact Dr. Stella Kwoh at 510.642.8390 or by email at stellakwoh@berkeley.edu.