Berkeley Summer Research Institute Doctoral Workshop

Bordering China: Modernity and Sustainability

Time: August 4, 2012
Place: Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley

The Institute of East Asian Studies is accepting applications for participation in a one-day research workshop for advanced graduate students and doctoral candidates on the subject of "Bordering China: Modernity and Sustainability." This workshop will take place in conjunction with the Berkeley Summer Research Institute (BSRI) organized by the IEAS in partnership with the Academia Sinica on the same theme. There will be about 20 research scholars assembled at the IEAS for the Berkeley Summer Research Institute. This Doctoral Workshop is intended as an opportunity to present current doctoral research and to initiate conversations between BSRI scholars and the graduate research community.

Themes and Topics
For much of the 20th century China defined its quest for modernity in terms of the industrialization and the urbanization of its economy and landscape. State policies and private initiatives in pursuit of specific goals within this general framework have brought along significant transformations. China today is a land of gleaming towers as well as polluted air, of high-speed railroad connections as well as massive population dislocations, of an abundance of manufacturing wealth as well as a paucity of natural resources. A vibrant environmental discourse meanwhile has been on the rise. Under the general heading of "sustainability" this discourse calls attention to issues of social equity, the power politics of resource allocations, the humanistic constructions of people and nature, the globalization of world economies, and the contestations over ecological imperialism.

Drawing upon the images and themes as described above, this Doctoral Workshop invites proposals that will contribute to a focused conversation concerning modernity and sustainability in the Chinese context. Papers that examine relevant issues in Manchuria, Mongolia, Xinjiang, Southwestern and Maritime Southeastern China are especially welcome. Papers that consider environmental issues in the Chinese heartland are equally acceptable. Successful workshop papers will be invited to submit for consideration for publication in a special issue of the journal Cross-Currents: East Asian Culture and History Review.

Eligibility and Application Guidelines

  1. Doctoral candidates (i.e. those in advanced candidacy and have written dissertation chapters) from within the State of California are eligible to apply.

  2. Required application materials include:
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • One page paper proposal, single-spaced.
    • A letter of support from the major professor is optional, but will definitely help in the event that there are more applicants than places on the program.
  3. Application materials are due to Ms. Yu Welch ( at the Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS), University of California, Berkeley, by March 15, 2012.

  4. Invited participants will be asked to submit their completed papers by July 15, 2012. Papers will be circulated to the BSRI participants serving as commentators.

  5. Invited participants from outside of the San Francisco Bay Area will be reimbursed up to $ 300.00 to help defray documented costs. Overnight lodging for those arriving from out of town will be arranged through Berkeley student networks. All presenters will be invited to take part in BSRI events from Friday evening through Sunday.

Please contact IEAS for further information about the Doctoral Workshop.

Click here to download a copy of the Call for Proposals.