Inaugural Student Journal of Asian Studies

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The inaugural edition of the Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies is now available online. Contents include "Soviet Internationalism, Chinese Nationalism, and Early Kuomintang Struggles" by James Lin; "Becoming Taiwanese" by Alessandro Tiberio; "The Tokyo Tribunal" by Andrea Horbinski; and "Professor Interview featuring Lanchih Po" by Nina Tompkin.

The journal is presented by the Students for the Promotion of Asian Studies and Education (SPASE), a student run group at UC Berkeley. SPASE strives to promote scholarship and leadership in the study of Asia and Asian Cultures across departmental and disciplinary lines at U.C Berkeley, and advocates for the preservation and expansion of Asian Studies programs on campus.

The Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies grew out of a desire to encourage scholarly discussions of Asian affairs among students, and to highlight new student research. In that spirit, we are delighted to take part in penning a new chapter in the university’s long history of dedication to Asian Studies.

We're pleased to announce a call for contributions to the 2nd edition of the Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies. The submission deadline is March 8th, and papers must be submitted to

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