Nearly 100 faculty members at UC Berkeley specialize in topics related to East Asia.

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Maximillian Auffhammer China, climate change, China's role in reducing greenhouse gases

David Roland-Holst Economics of Global Warming, Regional Economic Development in China


Nelson H.H. Graburn (emeritus) Japan, kinship, art, tourism, circumpolar peoples

Junko Habu Prehistory of Japan, hunter-gatherer subsistence and settlement

Xin Liu China, social/cultural anthropology

Aihwa Ong South China, Southeast Asia, transnational identities


Dana Buntrock Architectural practice in Japan, construction industry

Renee Chow Architecture and urban design in China

Margaret Crawford Chinese urbanization

Art History

Patricia Berger Chinese Buddhist art, Asian architecture, sculpture and painting

James Cahill (emeritus) Chinese and Japanese art

Gregory P. Levine Japanese art and architecture

Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive

Julia White Contemporary and traditional Chinese arts

Business Administration

James Lincoln Organizational design and innovation, Japanese management

Noam Yuchtman Political economy and economic history of educational institutions, legal institutions, labor markets, and social interactions

C.V. Starr East Asian Library

Peter X. Zhou East Asian historical records, information management, library history, Chinese linguistics

Comparative Literature

Miryam Sas Japanese, French, and English literature and thought

Sophie Volpp Chinese literature of the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries

East Asian Languages and Cultures

Jinsoo An Korean film, national identity

Robert Ashmore Classical Chinese literature

Weihong Bao Chinese film and media culture from late nineteenth century to present

Mark Blum Buddhist thought and culture

Mark Csikszentmihalyi Early Chinese religions, philosophies, and cultures

Jacob Dalton Tibetan Buddhism

Yoko Hasegawa Japanese linguistics

H. Mack Horton Classical Japanese language and literature

Andrew F. Jones Modern Chinese literature

Kijoo Ko Teaching Korean as a foreign language

Ling Hon Lam 16th-19th century Chinese literature, early Chinese theater

Lewis R. Lancaster (emeritus) East Asian Buddhism

I-Hao Li Chinese language

Li Liu Chinese language

Sanjyot Mehendale Trade and cultural exchange of the early Common Era

Daniel O'Neill Modern Japanese literature

Lanchih Po Divergent regional economies in China

Robert Sharf Medieval Chinese Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism

Chika Shibahara Japanese language

Alan Tansman Modern Japanese literature

Paula Varsano Classical Chinese poetry and poetics from the third through the eleventh centuries

Sophie Volpp Chinese literature of the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries

Lihua Zhang Germanic, English and Chinese contrastive linguistics


Barry Eichengreen Economic history, international economics

Environmental Science, Policy, & Management

Peng Gong Computer recognition and analysis of the environment

Dara O'Rourke Environmental, social, and equity impacts of global production

Ethnic Studies

Keiko Yamanaka International migration in East Asia

Film & Media

Weihong Bao Chinese film and media culture from late nineteenth century to present

Miryam Sas Japanese, French, and English literature and thought

Gender and Women's Studies

Laura Nelson Gender, medicine, and politics in South Korea


You-tien Hsing Post-Mao China, newly industrialized economies in Asia


Andrew Barshay Modern Japanese intellectual and economic history

Mary Elizabeth Berry Japan, Kyoto during the sengoku period, the Confucian family orientation

Alexander C. Cook Cultural, intellectual, legal, and political history of 20th-century China

David G. Johnson (emeritus) Premodern China, traditional Chinese popular culture

David N. Keightley (emeritus) Neolithic and Bronze Age China

Michael Nylan Early China

Irwin Scheiner (emeritus) Japan, Far East, intellectual, social, late Tokugawa

Nicolas Tackett Ninth to eleventh century China

Wen-hsin Yeh Modern China, social and cultural history

Information Management & Systems

John Chuang Technical, economic, and policy dimensions of computer networking

Anna-Lee Saxenian The exporting of information technology

Qiang Xiao Participatory media, China and human rights

Industrial Relations

Katie Quan Immigrant workers, women workers, labor in the global economy

International and Area Studies

Eunsu Cho Buddhist philosophy, Korean philosophy

Lanchih Po Divergent regional economies in China

Keiko Yamanaka International migration in East Asia


Todd Carrel China and Japan


Robert C. Berring, Jr. Chinese law, legal research

Stanley Lubman Chinese law, administrative law

Rachel Stern China, law, social movements and environmental issues

Alex Wang China, rule of law, environmental governance, regulation in developing countries and authoritarian states

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Mark Levine Energy modeling, energy-efficiency policy


Ken Ueno Extended Vocal Techniques, Non-Western Instruments, Microtonality

Bonnie Wade South and East Asia, ethnomusicology


Xiaohua Gong New approaches to visual impairments and the causes for blindness

Christine F. Wildsoet From bench to chair side — translating cultural, environmental and genetic influences on myopia development and progression into novel therapies.

Political Science

Vinod Aggarwal Political Economy of Asia

Lowell Dittmer China, North and East Asian governments and politics

Barry Eichengreen Economic history, international economics

Hong Yung Lee China, comparative government, East Asian politics

Peter Lorentzen China, political economy and economic grown in developing countries

Kevin O'Brien China, social movements, policy implementation, reform

T.J. Pempel Contemporary Japan, Asian regionalism, comparative politics, political economy

Rachel Stern China, law, social movements and environmental issues

Steven Vogel Japan, comparative and international political economy


Kaiping Peng (emeritus) Cultural psychology, reasoning and judgment across cultures

Eleanor H. Rosch Cognition, concepts, causality, cross-cultural, Eastern psychologies, psychologies of religion

Qing Zhou Cultural influences on socio-emotional development, with a particular interest in Chinese and Chinese American populations

Public Health

Teh-wei Hu (emeritus) Social security systems in Taiwan and China, technology transfer

Edmund Seto Environmental change and emerging infectious disease

Robert Spear (emeritus) Human exposures to toxic agents in the environment


Pheng Cheah Chinese diaspora, East Asian capitalism

Winnie Wong Chinese Contemporary Art, Qing Visual Culture, and the Pearl River Delta Region

Social Welfare

Julian Chun-Chung Chow Chinese migrant communities, service delivery, urban poverty


Thomas B. Gold Chinese civil society, entrepreneurship, development

Heather A. Haveman Economic transition in China

John Lie Korean diaspora, social theory, political economy

Theater Dance & Performance Studies

Sansan Kwan Critical dance studies; transnational Asian American studies; cultural geography; theories of space and kinesthesia, interculturalism, modern dance, ballet, and yoga; theories of Chineseness