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Focusing on key political, economic, social, and diplomatic developments, Asian Survey provides a unique scholarly perspective on Asia. The bimonthly journal, published by the University of California Press since 1961 in its current incarnation, offers readers in academia, education, government, and the policy world probing, provocative articles by leading American and foreign scholars.

Unlike many social science journals, Asian Survey is edited (by specialists at the Institute of East Asian Studies) to be comprehensible to a broad audience, without compromising scholarly content and analysis. It is frequently assigned in undergraduate and graduate classes and is widely cited in scholarly exchanges as an authoritative source on South, Southeast, and East Asia.

Recent articles have included in-depth studies on China's shifting political economy, India/Japan synergy, ethnic strife in Pakistan's Balochistan Province, Malaysian civil society, Myanmar/Burma and ASEAN, Korean unification, Taiwan electoral reform, and Tibet's relocated schooling, among many others.

By publishing expert analysts from around the world, Asian Survey serves readers as a nexus from which multiple and diverse voices can be heard on an increasingly vital region spanning from Afghanistan and Pakistan in the southwest to Indonesia in the southeast to China, Russia, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula in the northeast.

Among Asian Survey's special features is its widely read annual yearend issue. For example, Asia in 2009, which went to press in February 2010, offers comprehensive narrative analyses of events in 26 countries and areas across Asia, each written by a major scholar.

Also broadly read and cited are Asian Survey's special issues, which engage a critical single topic of regional or global significance. Written by specialists whose views may (or may not) converge, these issues challenge conventional wisdom with fresh perspectives. Recent special issues have included topics such as

  • The Legacy of Violence in Indonesia
  • Burma vs. Myanmar: What's in a Name?
  • The Asian Financial Crisis: Ten Years After
  • Ethnic Subnationalist Movements in Contemporary South Asia

Asian Survey is celebrating its 55th year with new technical innovations utilizing Scholar One and HighWire platforms. For more information, or to subscribe, visit Asian Survey's website:

To submit an article, please visit the journal's website for new guidelines, then upload your manuscript to the online platform ScholarOne for submission and review at

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