Negotiating Ethnicities in China and Taiwan

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Brown, Melissa J., ed.
Intro. by Stevan Harrell
China Research Monograph 46
1996. 295 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-048-2


Thomas B. Gold


Steve Harrell

1. Surnames and Han Chinese Identity—11
Patricia Ebrey

2. On Becoming Chinese—37
Melissa J. Brown

3. Taiwan and the Impossibility of the Chinese—75
Hai Ren

4. Home and the Grasslands? Tradition, Modernity, and the Negotiation of Identity by Tibetan Intellectuals in the PRC—98
Janet L. Upton

5. Who Are the Mongols? State, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Representation in the PRC—125
Almaz Khan

6. Transgressing Ethnic and National Boundaries: Contemporary "Inner Mongolian" Identities in China—160
Wurlig Borchigud

7. Being Hui, Huan-nang, and Utsat Simultaneously: Contextualizing History and Identities of the Austronesian-speaking Hainan Muslims—183
Keng-Fong Pang

8. Hegemony, Agency, and Re-presenting the Past: The Invention of Dongba Culture among the Naxi of Southwest China—208
Emily Chao

9. Representation and Negotiation of Ge Identities in Southeast Guizhou—240
Siu-woo Cheung

10. The Nationalities Question and the Prmi Prblem—274
Stevan Harrell

Character List—297


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