China's Brain Drain to the United States: Views of Overseas Students and Scholars in the 1990s

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Book Cover


Zweig, David, and Chen Changgui
China Research Monograph 47
1995. 133 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-049-0



Summary of the Study—1


1. Explaining the Brain Drain—10

2. The Shifting Policy on Overseas Study and Its Effects on the Brain Drain—19

3. Characteristics and Profiles of the Sample—24

4. Background Characteristics and People’s Views about Returning—34

5. Why People Do Not Return—45

6. Evaluating the Brain Drain: The Scale of Loss and Problems of Return—65

7. Bringing Them Home: Policy or Development?—74


Appendix A: Methodological Issues in Choosing Our Sample—88

Appendix B: Our Applications of Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis—96

Appendix C: Structuring and Analyzing Our Dependent Variable—98

Appendix D: President Bush’s Executive Order, April 11, 1990—100

Appendix E: Our Interview Protocol—102

Tables and Figures—117

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