Putting Class in Its Place: Worker Identities in East Asia

Book Cover


Perry, Elizabeth J., ed.
China Research Monograph 48
1996. 250 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-050-4




Introduction: Putting Class in Its Place: Bases of Worker Identity in East Asia—1
Elizabeth J. Perry

1. Conditions for the Disappearance of the Japanese Working-Class Movement—11
Andrew Gordon

2. Work, Culture, and Consciousness of the Korean Working Class—53
Hagen Koo

3. Class Identity without Class Consciousness? Working-Class Orientations in Taiwan—77
Nai-teh Wu

4. Changing Literary Images of Taiwan’s Working Class—103
Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

5. Owner, Worker, Mother, Wife: Taibei and Chengdu Family Businesswomen—127
Hill Gates

6. The Chinese Cultural Revolution in the Factories: Party-State Structures and Patterns of Conflict—167
Andrew G. Walder

7. Chinese Sex Workers in the Reform Period—199
Gail Hershatter

8. Regional Identity, Labor, and Ethnicity in Contemporary China—225
Emily Honig


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