Cross-Cultural Readings of Chineseness: Narratives, Images, and Interpretations of the 1990s

Book Cover


Yeh, Wen-hsin, ed.

China Research Monograph 51
2000. 158 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-064-4

The six essays in this volume offer interpretive readings of a film (Chen Kaige's Temptress Moon), a work of plastic art (Xu Bing's A Book from the Sky), and an essay (Zheng Min's "Retrospect at the End of the Century: Chinese Language Reform and Modern Chinese Poetry"), all products of contemporary China. The works are "Chinese" not just because they are by Chinese artists and writers and "from China" but because they also bear witness to cultural and intellectual imaginations both by the Chinese themselves and about China in an era of border-crossing. They constitute, in that sense, part and parcel of an interactive reconstruction of the meaning of "Chineseness" in our time. The Chinese world in this volume is not somewhere "inside China" in its territorially bounded convention, but a Chinese world that is being refashioned by its global reach.

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