Occupation and Revolution: China and the Vietnamese August Revolution of 1945

Book Cover


Worthing, Peter
China Research Monograph 54
2001. 202 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-072-5

In August 1945, Chinese Nationalist armed forces marched across the China-Vietnam border in order to accept the surrender of the defeated Japanese army in Indochina north of the sixteenth parallel. Once in Vietnam, Chinese troops confronted a complex situation in which Asian nationalism and European colonialism prepared to clash in Indochina.

Based on research in archival materials in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, the United States and France, this book analyzes the impact of the Chinese occupation on the revolutionary situation in Vietnam in 1945-1946. Revising previous accounts which viewed the Chinese occupation as an extension of Chinese "warlord" politics into Vietnam, this study offers new answers to questions about the Chinese involvement in, and contributions to, the Vietnamese August Revolution.

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