Empire, Nation, and Beyond:
Chinese History in Late Imperial and Modern Times - A Festschrift in Honor of Frederic Wakeman

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Esherick, Joseph W., Wen-hsin Yeh, and Madeleine Zelin, eds.
China Research Monograph 61
2006. 323 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-084-9

As reviewed in The China Review (Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 168-170): "This collection of essays, by fourteen distinguished students of Fred Wakeman, appeared only shortly before his untimely death, which itself came very soon after his retirement. One imagines he must have felt both honoured and gratified at the superior level and broad range of scholarship on display, qualities that aptly reflect and refract his own scholarly endeavours. ... This book adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. It is an apt monument to Professor Wakeman, and its essays will be read and cited for some years to come. Its wide coverage and innovative scholarship should attract attention well beyond the field of Chinese History" (reviewed by Joanna Waley-Cohen, New York University)


Contributors – vii

Introduction – 1

Part I: Unofficial Accounts – 15

1. Manchus as Ethnographic Subject in the Qing – 17
Mark C. Elliott

2. Fictional and Real-Life Rulers: Journey to the West and Sixteenth-Century Chinese Monarchs – 38
Richard Shek

3. The Disputation of the Body Snatchers: Scandal in Chinese Legal Culture – 58
Melissa Macauley

4. Spatial Decorum, Transgression, and Displacement in Shen Fu's Six Records from a Floating Life – 78
Ann Waltner

Part II: Politics in Economy – 103

5. Eastern Sichuan Coal Mines in the Late Qing – 105
Madeleine Zelin

6. Rural Commercialization, Polder Reclamation, and Social Transformation in Modern China – 123
Robert Y. Eng

7. "Native" and "Foreign": Discourses on Economic Nationalism and Market Practice in Twentieth-Century North China – 149
Linda Grove

Part III: Beyond the Binary – 167

8. Shards of Ming: Culture and Improvisation in Enterprises Great and Small – 169
Lionel M. Jenson

9. Terror and War at the Turn of Two Centuries: The Boxer Crisis Revisited – 192
Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

Part IV: Enduring Networks – 211

10. The Culture of Patronage in Early Nineteenth-Century China: Ruan Yuan's Circle at Canton – 213
Jonathan Porter

11. The Zhigongtang in the United States, 1860–1949 – 231
Sue Fawn Chung

12. Two Generations of a Chinese Family – 250
Joseph W. Esherick

Part V: Contesting Narratives – 273

13. Beijing University as a Contested Symbol – 275
Timothy B. Weston

14. History in Modernity: The May Fourth Movement and Shanghai – 292
Wen-hsin Yeh

Index – 309

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