Cities in Motion: Interior, Coast, and Diaspora in Transnational China

Book Cover


Strand, David, and Sherman Cochran, eds.
Wen-hsin Yeh, General Editor
China Research Monograph 62
2007. 313 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-089-X


Cities in Motion: An Introduction—1
David Strand and Sherman Cochran

Part I: Organizing Urban Life—25

1. Grave Concerns: Bodies, Burial, and Identity in Early Republican China—27
Caroline Reeves

2. Warfare and Modern Urban Administration in Chinese Cities—53
Kristin Stapleton

Part II: Movements and Networking—79

3. Webs and Hierarchies: Banks and Bankers in Motion, 1900–1950—81
Brett Sheehan

4. To the Countryside: Communist Recruitment in Wartime Shanghai—106
Allison Rottmann

Part III: Importing the Modern City—131

5. Architects as Cultural Heroes—133
Vimalin Rujivacharakul

6. Shanghai Fashion: Merchants and Business as Agents of Urban Vision—154
Karl Gerth

7. Visions of Order and Modernity: Crime, Punishment, and Justice in Urban China during the Republican Period—182
Klaus Mühlhahn

Part IV: Exporting the Chinese City—217

8. Exporting Homosociality: Culture and Community in Chinatown America, 1882–1943—219
Madeline Hsu

9. Moving Bones: Hong Kong's Role as an "In-between Place" in the Chinese Diaspora—247
Elizabeth Sinn

10. Charisma in Motion: The Compassion Relief Movement in Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and the United States—272
Robert P. Weller and C. Julia Huang



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