City of Working Women: Life, Space, and Social Control in Early Twentieth-Century Beijing

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The China Journal

A recent review of the book in The China Journal reads, in part: Cheng's "empirical work is exquisitely nuanced in the multi-layered dimensions of its examination of working women's living and working spaces.... Cheng emphasizes from the outset that 'public spaces can be seen as social, not physical, territories' (p. 9), and in this regard his book is commendable in its meticulous deployment of a broad range of materials.... Taken as a whole, this book complements our understanding of Chinese women's history and provides new insights into life in Beijing during a period of rapid social and political change. Cheng's work will be useful to feminist scholars and historians of modern China, with its comprehensive coverage of working women's lives and their connections with urban public spaces"
              —Zhang Yun, University of Hong Kong

The entire review may be found on JSTOR here.