Mobile Horizons: Dynamics across the Taiwan Strait

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Yeh, Wen-hsin Yeh, ed.
China Research Monograph 69
2013. 344 pp.
ISBNs 978-1-55729-106-6 and 1-55729-106-3

What is the Taiwan Strait and why does it matter? The contributors to this volume argue that cross-Strait issues are both pressing subjects in contemporary politics and opportunities to reveal new vistas of scholarship covering China-Taiwan studies. Their research examines the dynamics of cross-Strait exchanges in national, regional, local, and transnational contexts, engaging with the arenas of culture, society, economy, and politics.


Acknowledgments — vii

1. Introduction: Of War and Peace: History and Perspectives — 1
Wen-hsin Yeh

1. What Drives the Cross-Strait Rapprochement? Political Competition, Globalization, and the Strategic Triangle — 25
Yu-shan Wu and Lowell Dittmer

2. Redefining “China”: From the China Inside to the China Outside — 48
Shelley Rigger

3. Shifting Frontiers: Cross-Strait Relations in the Context of Local Society — 74
Michael Szonyi

4. Underground at Sea: Fishing and Smuggling across the Taiwan Strait, 1970s–1990s — 99
Micah S. Muscolino

5. The Religious Dynamics of Region and Nation across the Strait — 124
Robert P. Weller

6. Mobilizing Gender in Cross-Strait Marriages: Patrilineal Tensions, Care Work Expectations, and a Dependency Model of Marital Immigration — 147
Sara L. Friedman

7. Global Business across the Taiwan Strait: The Case of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited — 178
William C. Kirby

8. Taiwanese Newspapers and Politics in China’s Shadow — 208
Timothy B. Weston

9. Complex Characters: Relearning Taiwan — 235
Thomas B. Gold

10. A Quiet Revolution: Oppositional Politics and the Writing of Taiwanese History — 259
Wen-hsin Yeh

Glossary — 287

Bibliography — 293

List of Contributors — 317

Index — 319

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