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The Institute of East Asian Studies has a long-standing relationship with the Society for the Study of Early China; the society was founded by Professor David N. Keightley on the UC Berkeley campus in the mid-1970s. The institute currently copublishes Early China monographs, and Cambridge University Press publishes the society's annual journal.

Early China Monographs Distributed by IEAS

Japanese Scholarship on Early China, 1987-1991: Summaries from Shigaku zasshi book cover

von Falkenhausen, Lothar, ed.
Japanese Scholarship on Early China, 1987-1991: Summaries from Shigaku zasshi
Early China Special Monograph 6
2002. hdbk., 251 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-075-X


Chinese Writing book cover

Qiu Xigui
Chinese Writing
Early China Special Monograph 4
Gilbert L. Mattos and Jerry Norman, trans.
2000. hdbk., 547 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-071-7


The two titles below are available as print-on-demand books and may be purchased through online booksellers. IEAS does not currently distribute these titles.

The Guodian Laozi: Proceedings of the International Conference, Dartmouth College, May 1998
Early China Special Monograph 5
Edited by Sarah Allan and Crispin Williams

Early Chinese Texts: A Bibliographical Guide
Early China Special Monograph 2
Edited by Michael Loewe


Monograph Ordering Information

Distribution of Early China monographs is handled by IEAS. Customers may place orders by phone, fax, or mail and use a check or credit card. Detailed ordering information is contained here:

Note: Online ordering of Early China Monographs is also available through the website of the Society for the Study of Early China. To place your order online using PayPal, please click HERE.

Ordering Early China Journals — Now through Cambridge University Press

As of January 2014, Cambridge University Press (CUP) will handle subscriptions and distribution for all Early China JOURNALS.

Please note that depending on where you are located, you will need to contact the appropriate CUP office:


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Editorial Information

Editing of the journal Early China is carried out by the Society for the Study of Early China.

To submit an article for consideration by the SSEC editor, Sarah Allan, click here for a pdf of the Early China Guidelines for Preparation of Manuscripts.

Books for review should be sent to

Prof. Anne Kinney
Early China Book Review Editor
4185 Garth Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

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