Japanese Religions in and beyond the Japanese Diaspora

Book Cover


Pereira, Ronan Alves, and Hideaki Matsuoka, eds.
Japan Research Monograph 15
2007. 251 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-087-3


Forward - vii
Andrew Barshay

Introduction - 1

Part I: Japanese Religions in the World - 15

1. The Expansion of Japan's New Religions Overseas - 17
Susumu Shimazono

2. The Settlement of Zen in Australia - 30
Gary D. Bouma

3. Sūkyō Mahikari in Australia and Southeast Asia: A Globalized New Religious Movement outside the Japanese Diaspora - 45
Wendy A. Smith

4. The Farce of the "Great Russian Salvation Tour": The Legacy of Aum Shinrikyō in Mother Russia - 79
Daniel A. Metraux

5. When Uchi Goes Soto: The Travels of the Gods in the Shinto Diaspora - 102
Nelson Graburn

Part II: Japanese Religions in Brazil - 121

6. Japanese Religions in Brazil: Their Development in and out of the Diaspora Society - 123
Hideaki Matsuoka and Ronan A. Pereira

7. The Brazilian Imaginaire of Zen: Global Influences, Rhizomatic Forms - 146
Christina M. Rocha

8. The Nationalization of Foreign Gods: Seichō-no-ie among Brazilians - 170
Leila M.B. de Albuquerque

9. Elevation of the Spirit: On the Continuity and Discontinuity between the Church of World Messianity and Brazilian Religions - 183
Hideaki Matsuoka

10. "A Paradise of Happiness Will Unfold in You in Brazil": Sōka Gakkai Success in and beyond the Japanese Expatriate Community - 201
Ronan A. Pereira

Afterword - 231
Robert N. Bellah

Glossary - 234

Index of Names and Terms - 246

Contributors - 249

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