North Korea in Transition

Book Cover


Lee, Chong-Sik, and Se-Hee Yoo, eds.
Korea Research Monograph 16
1991. 165 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-024-5


Robert Scalapino


1. Political Change in North Korea—1
B.C. Koh

2. North Korea and the Non-Communist World: The Quest for National Identity—17
Samuel S. Kim

3. The Korean Triangle: The United States and the Two Koreas—43
Han Sung-Joo

4. The U.S. Role in Northeast Asia—55
Allen S. Whiting

5. Coexistence, Revolution, and the Dialogue for Unification—73
Chong-Sik Lee

6. Conflict Resolution in North-South Korea Relations: A Retrospect and Prospect—83
Joo-Hong Nam

7. North Korea and the Socialist World—93
Donald S. Zagoria

8. Chuch'e versus Economic Interdependence: The Impact of Socialist Economic Reforms on North Korea—101
Oh Kwan-Chi

9. North Korea's Relations with Eastern Europe—115
Ha Yong-Chool

10. From National Unification to State Unification: A Realistic Design for One Korea—129
Rhee Sang-Woo

11. North Korea's Halting Efforts at Economic Reform—139
John Merrill


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