Korean Options in a Changing International Order

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Lee, Hong Yung, and Chung Chongwook, eds.
Korea Research Monograph 18
1994. 215 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-040-7



Hong Yung Lee

1. Basic Trends in the Pacific-Asian Region—8
Robert Scalapino

2. Strategic, Political, and Economic Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region—17
Byung-joon Ahn

3. U.S. and Japanese Policies toward Korea: Continuity and Change—33
Chae-jin Lee

4. Moscow's Policy Lines toward Pyongyang under Gorbachev—52
Hongchan Chun

5. Trends in ROK-DPRK Relations: DPRK Perspectives—72
Young Whan Kihl

6. Foreign Policy Implications of Domestic Political Developments in the Two Koreas—92
B.C. Koh

7. Confidence-Building Measures vs. Conflict-Laden Scenarios in Post-Cold War Korea—108
Thomas W. Robinson

8. Post-Cold War and Peace on the Korean Peninsula—125
Young-Sun Ha

9. Complementarity of Industrial Structures between North and South Korea—140
Il-Dong Koh

10. Trade Policy in North Korea—154
Jung Chang Young

11. Prospects for and Approaches to Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation—168
Won Bae Kim and Jung-Gook Kim

12. The Proposal Tumen River Scheme—187
Mark J. Valencia

13. Prospects for Regional Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Republic of Korea's Perspective—203
Kim Sung-Hoon


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