Contemporary Directions: Korean Folk Music Engaging the Twentieth Century and Beyond

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Hesselink, Nathan, ed.
Korea Research Monograph 27
2001. 262 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-074-1

The first issue this collection grapples with is the common perception that Korean folk music is purely simple, unrestrained, fast, and emotional. . . . The second and perhaps more contentions issue that will be faced is the even more pervasive argument that 'folk' must be linked to the past. . . . Underlying the various approaches and subject matter of the several chapters . . . are common themes. . . . All the authors make connections with, or draw parallels to, folk traditions . . . ; all deal with creativity, change, and the place of professionalism; and a large number of the authors examine the role and aftereffects of preservation and the cultural asset system.

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