Stories inside Stories: Music in the Making of the Korean Olympic Ceremonies

Book Cover


Dilling, Margaret Walker
Korea Research Monograph 29
2007. 590 pp.
ISBN 1-55729-085-7


Foreword by Bonnie Wade—vii

Ammadang: The Day the Drum was King—1

Part I: Scenes

1. Performance—19

2. Planners—80

3. Scenario—124

Part II: Music

4. Scores—169

5. Ceremony—183

6. Korean Traditional Music—249

7. Art—304

Part III: Voices

8. Controversies—351

9. Perspectives—383

10. Reviews—445

Appendix A—495

Appendix B—499

Appendix C—501

Appendix D—503

Appendix E—505

Appendix F—509

Musical Examples—525



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